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Player Survey: FLS Responds

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

Just for fun over on the Pirates of the Burning Sea site, a player targeted the devs with one of the game's player surveys. Being great sports, several have agreeably posted their answers. I'm posting the questions here - but for the interesting reponses, be sure to check out the thread :)
Survey for FLS: Sixth Month Anniversary Survey by ejengstrom
Dear FLS staff members,

You've asked us so many times directly or indirectly via news articles what we feel, think and ramble on about over the game. Now I solicit you to please share your response to the following questions:

I. How many hours a week are you playing the game?

II. Do you play consecutive days?

III. Are you participating in your nations RvR?

IV. Are you participating frequently in OS PvP?

V. Are you a member of a player created Society and are you active in that society?

VI. Are you satisfied with your nation and their performance in RvR?

VII. Are you satisfied with your server's player-base size and activity level?

VIII. Do you feel the player base on your server is utilizing the game to the fullest potential?

IX. What are three things you would like to see players do/utilize more frequently?


X. Do you enjoy the game more now, six months after launch? (Discounting the hope and excitement of finally releasing.)

Thank you for sharing this information and happy 6th month Anniversary.