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Player suggestions for NPC chatter?


Stratics Veteran
I've been wondering if we'd ever be able to expand on what Blanche and Rita talk about. I know this isn't a priority for you Eric... So why not let us players get the chance to write some funny banter for the two? They're occasionally hilarious to listen to, but have a limited amount of lines and it'd be interesting if they had more things to talk about. I'm sure there are a few comedy writers and creative people who can come up with something.

But why stop at just Blanche and Rita? Why not have all the NPCs occasionally comment on their surroundings? It adds a little more life to the world because the majority don't talk to each other or interact with anything unless you click on them.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I would like to see an NPC cult of fel around haven trying to lure, seduce and corrupt players, luring them to fel with quests, encouraging PvP and thieves.

Please make thieves viable again