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Player run Shops & Vendors

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Have a vendor shop?
Placed a vendor at a vendor shop?

This is the place to advertise it.
List the facet and location of your shop/vendor here.

Feel free to list your items and prices while you are at it.

One request: When changing items/prices/locations edit your post instead of starting a new one. This will make it easier for people to find what they are searching for instead of having to scroll through all the lisitings to find your most recent reply.

Happy Shopping Everybody!

Hyper J

Oh no. on Test Sosaria

Edit: Oops, due to the revert, house is no longer a shop, come back in a week!

Re-edit: Oops, due to account management difficulties and OSI's unwillingness to release my pre-paid Mastercard, my efforts on this shard have come to an end. Sorry!


South's Market

Located in Trammel at 53.47N by 103.13E (just to the South of the Ironwood Inn in Vesper).

[*]Right now I'm stocking the following:

[Potion Keg Vendor](Full Kegs)
[*]Total Refreshment: 3500gp
[*]Greater Agility: 2500gp
[*]Greater Cure: 4000gp
[*]Greater Heal: 4000gp
[*]Greater Strength: 2500gp
[*]Greater Poison: 2500gp
[*]Deadly Poison: 9000gp
[*]Night Sight: 850gp
[*]Greater Explosion: 6000gp

[Carpentry Vendor]
[*]Forges (1000gp (Small) or 1500gp (Large))
[*]Anvils (1600gp)
[*]Looms (750gp)
[*]Spinning Wheels (700gp)
[*]Pentagrams & Abboitors (2000gp)
[*]Ovens (2000gp)
[*]Water Troughs (1000gp)
[*]Beds (1000gp (Small) & 1500 (Large))
[*]Message Boards (250gp)
[*]Empty Potion Kegs (150gp)

[Spellbook/Scroll/Runebook Vendor]
[*]Full Spellbooks (4500gp)
[*]Runebooks (60gp per charge, I.E., 600gp for a 10 charge runebook)
[*]Full set of 7th Circle Spells (750gp)
[*]Full set of 8th Circle Spells (1000gp)
[*]Recall/Mark/Gate scrolls (45/60/70gp)
[*]16 Trammel Banks (-Haven, +Luna Moongate) (2500gp)
[*]16 Trammel Dungeon/Hunting Locations (3000gp)

[Stone & Glass Vendor]
[*]Large Stone Tables(East/South): 2000gp (Special Colors available by request only)
[*]Empty Vials: 800gp
[*]Full Vials: 1000gp
[*]Spinning Hourglass: 2000gp

[Repair Contract/Deed Vendor]
[*]GM Carpenter Repair Deeds: 25gp
[*]GM Tailor Repair Deeds: 25gp
[*]GM Blacksmith Repair Deeds: 25gp
(Now I just need Bowcrafting! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)

[Fishing Treasures Vendor]
[*]Metal Chests: 400gp
[*](Green) Fishing Nets: 2500gp
[*]Pillows: 100gp - 250gp (Be quick, they go out of stock fast!)
[*](Small) Paintings & Portaits: 300gp (they go out of stock fast too!)
[*](Large) Paintings: 10,000gp (Rare, only had 3 so far in over 200 MIBs)

[BULK REG Vendor]
[*]Pearl & Moss: 7gp each (3500gp per 500)
[*]Everything Else: 5gp each (2500gp per 500)

I also offer a Treasure Map Library for the Trammel Facet (using the Stratics/THB Map Archive), as well as various runes to Trammel Dungeons & Cities (with much more to follow -- the entire second floor will be full of Runebooks eventually! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)


Small shop (lost most of my abilities on Faeries in revert) just south of the four small fields on the Skara mainland. 57.55 South, 32.54 West, in Trammel. More vendors coming when I get around to it.

Savage Kin Paint: 5k
Horned GM Leather Outfits: 4k
Savage Spears & Tribal Masks: 100gp
Decorative Fishing Stuff (shells, pillows, bones, etc): 50-250 gold

Patty Pickaxe

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Anyone out there selling plants. Im not looking anything really fancy like the rare colors. Just looking to ass a little color to my house. Maybe some red plants, some blue, or even just plain old green ones.


You might as well just kill some boglings then, but the plants will definitely ass a little color to your house.

Patty Pickaxe

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well, I've tried growing my own plants before and I just cant do it. Call me an idiot or whatever, I just dont have luck with it. I always poison them or something. I'm not a good with plants in RL either!! But maybe I can try again.


Hannah, once I collect all the seeds from the first generation plants I'm growing right now, I'll let you pick a few that you're interested in from my rooftop garden. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

Then in two weeks or so I should have about 150+ to pick from. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif hehe


I have nearly every color in first generation, and am working on 2nd and 3rd gens. Plants growing as they do, it will take a while for me to supply you, but if you would like to let me know type and color, I can probably get some for you in a week or two (have to grow them first).

BTW, did everyone know you can make a really nice windowbox with a watertrough and campions?

Patty Pickaxe

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Thank you very much. I am going to try to grow a few. I have some seeds and some fertile dirt. I bought all the bowls and a trough. Let's see if I am successful or not. Mostly like not. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

Gargish Dragon

I run a little shop at the beach in Magincia (Trammel). The first plant resources (orange petals, green thorns) are available.


Hyloth Vendor Market is now open, right outside of Hyloth Dungeon, Trammel facet. We're still getting things up and running, but will be carrying a variety of goods at low prices, many at vendor price. It's mostly magic items now, but GM weapons, armor, and tailored goods will be coming very soon. So drop on by, you never know what you'll find tossed on a vendor at vendor price =).


Have several vendors at The Palace in the Northwest corner (almost--along the North wall near that corner) of Luna, inside the walls.

Selling BODS!!! Priced to go--check it out if you're collecting bods. Also, PM me to trade if you'd rather do that--I'm trying to collect them too.

Also, fishing loot, scribe stuff (full spellbooks, runebooks, BOD books, recalls, marks, gates, resurrections), GM barbed/horned/spined armor by the piece, runic made weapons, enhanced and unenhanced monster loot weps and armor.

Will have orange petals within a day or two of this posting, with seeds to grow your own as soon as I can get labelled seeds. Green thorns and seeds for same within a week or so. Possibly other plants for deco eventually...


Ember's Emporium is straight West of Luna Bank inside the city walls.
It's hard to miss since we have about 8 vendors currently stocking a nice variety of items at very reasonable prices. We will also fill any orders since we can't stock everything such as:
Special fishing items - (paintings, pillows, shells etc)
Plants - Thorns, petals, vines, and misc plants stocked (for special orders you need to give me anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks depending on color, type and number wanted)
Not so common and general type weapons, armor, jewelry - (we run across lots of things that because there isn't a demand for it we don't keep it, so if we know someone is looking for something specific we will be sure to snag it if we find it)
Just leave your requests on our bulletin board along with an icq and we'll get back to you, or if you don't leave an icq then check back for an answer on the bulletin board


Selling [*]Fishing Nets - 4000 each
[*]Paintings - 1500 -4000, Rare Large Madonna Painting - 25000 (!!!)
[*]Dyeable Pillows - 2000-3000 each
[*]Metal Chests - 2200 each
1. Name – UO Goods Vendor Mall & Roon Library
2. Coordinates – 92 59’N 27 46W
3. Facet – Malas
4. Email or PM – ICQ 41590162
5. Any Landmarks, Pics or Links - http://home.comcast.net/~enigme/vendorlocation.jpg


Patty Pickaxe

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Do you own a home? Is it a little bare? Do you have a purple thumb? No desire to garden? Well then, come to Weeping Willow's and purchase a few plants to brighten up your home. Malas Facet/ 63 52 N 23 54 W/ Head south out of Luna. Cross over the bridge. First house on your right.

Now that my commercial isout of the way, I have alot of first and second generation plants (third gen on the way). I am running out of room! I dont have all the colors, but stop buy and see if you like anything. They will be inexpensive.