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Player merchant Ship-vs-Pirates

  • Thread starter Eyes of Sosaria
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Eyes of Sosaria

I'm bringing you all this up dated HOT news about a (Player run) Merchant Ship that's going to attempt to pickup and deliver goods to New Magencia.

After going to great lengths to track down Pirate Captain Blackfoot of the "Crimson Pirates", I had the rare honor of getting an interview from him about an up-coming (player event) getting ready to unfold and take place this Saturday Night, the 29th of October in Felucca. Captain Blackfoot laid out, in small details, about the event.

"Captain Blackfoot? Can you tell the readers what this Player Merchant Run is all about?" *Captain Blackfoot pulls out a bottle of fine "No-Labled" Ale and takes a large swollow, wiping his lips with the sleeve of his torn shirt*

"Well, I'm not going to give the exact Launch locations of what we know of this Merchant Ship, but I will tell you that they will be launching around 10 PM Saturday from one of the main Islands off the coast of Sosaria. They will be attempting, *gives a small sniker*, to Deliver a sweet, handsome Booty consisting of barrels of homemade Ale, Cloth, Lumber, Iron Ingots, pieces of eight (gold), and some fine threads. They will attempt to deliver these goods to New Magencia to be sold at market there."

"You mentioned you won't give the launch locations of this merchant ship. Can you give more details of this event?" I asked as I watched him take another large drink from the bottle.

"Well", he said with a little slure in his voice, "From what me spies have told me, They will launch their Merchant ship loaded with goods and have with them, *Escort* ships to, so-call, protect them from yours truly. *Now why would they think they would need escorts*.? I guess they might be expecting a little trouble getting to New Magencia." Captain Blackfoot laughs loudly.

I sat there watching as he started laughing at the thought. "Go on, I said"

"Here's all I am going to say about that night. If'n they think they can out-run and out fight the mighty ships of the Crimson Pirates and deliver their so called goods to New Magencia, then they have another thing coming. And as far as the Escort Ships are concerned,Arrrrr!!!!, we will call up the Krakken and send those scallywags to the bottom of the Sosarian sea." He looked at me with fire in his eyes. " Davey Jones hasn't had visitors in awhile and it's time they paid him a visit" Arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!. "We will fill our own holds with their precious Booty and line our blades with the liking of them, and drink till the Suns Rays of this here land shines brightly across the gleaming waters in the morn". "I also here tell that the Pax Alliance has taken up as escorts for those no good sea running dogs. Well let me say this!", looking straight at me with a scouered gleam, "The Crimson Pirates will deal with those that think they can Ally with such scoundrels like the USN and their crews. Our blades will split hairs when next we come across those traitoring fools."

I watched as Captian Blackfoot got up and stomped out of the cabin where we were having the interview. In his drunken dispise and worked up hate for the USN, I was wondering if I was going to get out alive.

So there you have it folks. A head-to-head confrontation between USN & crew & the Crimson Pirates on the open seas of Sosaria in Felucca waters Saturday Night. I will attempt to follow up on this story as it unfolds and information flows in. (*if my spy doesn't get caught first*)

As always, Brought to you by the best Reporters of Sosaria. *This should be interesting*. So stay tuned.............................
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