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Player Event : Europa Chicken League, Season 6 Match 8 : 8PM UK Time, Monday 11 November


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Season 6, Match 8, and still all to play for - no clear leaders, at least nine fighters with a good chance of taking the title!

Current league ratings :

5 Points : Spartacus, Featherstorm, Sky
4 Points : Sanguine, Lethal Weapon
3 Points : Stefan Eggberg, Dryad, Valoria's Own Liza, Spring
2 Points : Poison Ivy
1 Point : Wind, Spectre, Wild Thing

As always, fights commence 8PM UK time, at the O*T Arena west of Zento. Everyone welcome to come along to watch, chat, or bet on the outcomes!