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Play Darkfall



I joined the honor community threw PGoH In UO. I wanted to post here to see if I could provoke a response from any interested parties who may be looking for a new MMO. For over two months I have been playing http://www.darkfallonline.com/ The game itself has been given hundreds of mix reviews. I first of all wanted to ask if anyone was playing Darkfall Online from the Statics community?

Second I wanted to state my opinion of the game. After two months of playing I can neither say its a great game nor a bad game. We have been playing a pay beta under the guise of a final game. The AV Dev team has been making massive patches biweekly to enhance the game by leaps and bounds. I would suggest everyone tries this game for no less then two weeks. The first week you will HATE this game this is perfectly normal as its a massive jump in my experience. The game world is like 26x2 Kilometers so it literally takes you hours to travel. The PvP is something straight out of Oblivion, but slightly faster pace.

If your a fan of a MMO that offers you a chance to bond as a clan and work together to achieve things that are IMPOSSIBLE to get alone. If your a fan of open seamless worlds and open pvp... and original pre Trammel uo style open looting. This game my friends will blow you away.

I watched many videos on You Tube to learn the basics behind Darkfall before I started test playing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEIHjdlUbeE & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQQcpnbB50&NR=1

If this videos has interest you at all I need to get to my next point for posting. When I joined Darkfall the first thing I learned is that you need to stick with a clan almost all the time if you really want to succeed. I met with Order of The Blade and honor based Clan that I has been supprting me in some of the biggest events in the games history. I ask that anyone interested in meeting The Order oft he Blade visit are web site http://ootb.guildlaunch.com/

One thing I would like to say about Order of the Blade is that we plan to move it to the American Server in July. Until then anyone playing Darkfall before July 2009 will only have the European server.. DO NOT let this stop you from trying out Darkfall, this game has EPIC moments during sieges, it requires patience and diligence that I guarantee most under the age of 20 will not be able to display

I don't want to seem like I'm just ranting for this game, it has flaws, but its also the only MMO that forces a player to consider RL morality. When you get killed and looted it will challenge you too "want" to keep playing. And if you do and if you band together and defeat those people that wrong you, you will be rewarded in ways no other mmo will let you experience.

To start playing Darkfall you need to first set up an account - https://www.darkfallonline.com/accounts/f/default.php

(this link up above is working fine now)

Then download the torrent - http://www.eu1.darkfallonline.com/dl/DarkfallFull/

Professional Reviews - http://vault.ign.com/View.php?view=editori...tail&id=225

Again Order of The Blade (OoTB) Is looking for members and/or to work in a co-op effort in Darkfall with The Statics Community, please seek us out and tell them "Omin" sent you. http://ootb.guildlaunch.com/forums/index.php?gid=78855

We are a light role playing clan as Darkfall supports limited, but creative role play opportunities. We are also a mature clan that require the use of Vent. The price to play Darkfall is roughly 50$ for the game download it comes with a free month of game play. The price for a month is at 14$ and is less if you pay for months in advanced. I promise if you are a active gamer who enjoys pvp and clan based activities you will not be disappointed in trying this game. You get 1 character per server and unlimited skills to train/grind everything, we only have one server on darkfall, but the plan is they will open more as AV starts to market. OoTB will be moving to the New American Server that is estimated to open early July.

Strength and Honor -

Oh and a friend tossed together a little song I thought it was funny - http://files1.guildlaunch.net/guild/library/38922/End Of.mp3