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Pirates Raid PGoH Tavern again!

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Well, as I sees it, a bunch of us United Pirates, scum of the 7 seas, or is that scurg, ahrrg! anyways, we being with our new Capt'n Trinsic, most feared pirate in all Sosaria and all the islands at sea, was drinkin' and tellin' tall tales when we found ourselfs right in the center of the Purple Guardians of Honor sacrid City, Olympis, at their tavern. Seems we couldn't get good service there, beings there were no wench's nor even a barmaid. Then comes the fun part of me story, ahrrg! here comes those loud and obnoxious Purple Guards and they wants to throw us pirates out! Well, Capt'n Trinsic and us all being very drunk, and feeling a bit roudy, says we aint movin' no sir! They make small talk, then demandin' again that we should leave. We laughed, they refused ta fight us, them as bein' only two and we beins four, they was wise as snakes to be causious like. I Blind Tom relayin' as it were word fer word what's been told me by Loggin's [UP] and Captains Hand, who was there and swears by Captain Pikes beard every word of it! More news from the "Jolly" ta follow.


Stratics Veteran
Arhrgg, No wonder we call him Blind Tom. The poor scums account is not quite right. *burp*

As it was there were three members of the pirates, who in good faith, perhaps a little drunk, went to Olympus to chat with Thom about the ransom of Alexi. It was after an invitation from Thom to come and talk despite the fact that POGH was engaged in dulling practice.

Not expecting a hostile response, Trinsac took his sail master, not a fighter along with him and his first council person, the bloody swine Calaco Jake. This was a group of delegates, not the warring pirates most are used to.

Anyway, to make a long story short the pirates were handed there asses to them. The kind sail master, unarmed, was killed where she stood without opening her mouth or uttering a word.

Trinsac takes full responsibility, for this and has sworn on his soul he will not make the same mistake twice. Unless he has had too much to drink.

Trin has ordered reassignment of duties and ordered training an ale for all active members of UP. Oh, he hates to admit this but due to subversive tactics employed by POGH Alexi has been released.

Raise your cup to future encounters and hopefully some incoming silver for the pirates. We no longer look for gold we like silver, Har har.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Having heard through me sources (ahh, what a blabbermouth bar wench dat one was!), I jus' have to say, Way to go landlubbers!

An' to me crew, remember these things:
1. When askin' fer a ransom, make it a ransom dat de landlubbers may want to pay. 'Tain't nobody worth more'n say... 20k gold er so. (We aren't in it for the profit... lousy pirates we are!) or a tenth o' dat in silver.
2. Remember dat any time ye communicate wit' anyone dat ye can get yerself killed, and plan fer jus' dat.
3. Dere be no noncombatants. Period. I expect dat when the arrows fly and steel bites, dat ye'll be just as ruthless to the enemies as dey apparently were to ye! (More so would make my legacy feel all warm and fuzzy)

And finally, remember this, NEVER forget this:
In da pirate code, dere be a line which says, "No Whining". So um... don't. (And try to avoid the OOC post encounter talk too outside of the in-game roleplay chat room). Nothin' sours a group's reputation faster'n a crewmate who won't lose graciously. (Note, this applies to those you defeat as well as your own crews... I can't begin to count the number of people who have complained to me out of character because we cleaned their clock in character. Then again, I don't have that many fingers left.)

Keep up da work mates!