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"Pirates Killing Pirates?"

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Putting ink to this here scroll, I take me quill in me hand this day of King Blackthorn's reign at write of the exploits of The United Pirates of Red Skull Bay.
These last few days as the UP band of pirates, (which ranks have swelled of late), have been on our good ship or war, "Lady Doom", piloted by our Feared Captain Trinsic and his helmsman Sophie, as good a pirate as sailed these dark waters.
Well, now as I was sayin', we was out ther scoutin', as it were, for whatever might cross our bow, when we stumbed onto a "Dread Pirate" and his crew right off Red Skull Bay. Well, no needs ta tell ya we felt indignant, that they be encrouchin' on our docks and the Jolly Roger Pub, (That being our private docks and base!)
So's we lowers our forward canon on her mid-ship with a heavy canon ball and lets her have it, then we pull back, load again and pulls into her again and again, all the while our own archers kept her crew busy... then giving her the weight of a full broadside from Lady Doom with grapeshot, we board her and having dispatched her crew we captured her captain, Lost Noggin' Sangria, who did his best to plead fer mercy like a wench, har, har.
After taking him in and gettin' a reward; we was on our way back to the Jolly, when we stumbled upon another intruder to our waters off Red Skull Bay. This time it was the "Landlubber's" worst fear, the "Dread Lady Pirate", Peg Beard Heather, who had troubled the good people in New Haven and other ports 'O call along our seas.
With quick action and having done repairs to Lady Doom, we was ready ta take her on.
Mind ye well, we did sustain some feirce damage ta our dear Lady Doom in the frey, but we plied out skills once again, killin' her crew and boardin' her decks we captured Peg and brung her in fer a sizable reward.
So, ya maybe askin' yerself, "Why would pirates be killin' pirates, hmmm?" Well, that be a fair question mates; but as I was sayin' they came into our waters off Red Skull Bay, and threatened our docks and the Jolly Roger Inn, (our base for the United Pirate crew), and we will not have any Landlubber or Pirate for that matter matey, come near our "Home Sweet Home", har, har.
Well, that be what's been happin' aound the Jolly as we swap tales and drink our plundered rum.
And, let this be fair warning to yas...'Stay clear pirate brothers' of our waters iffin' yas wants to keep yer crew, ship and yer dear life.
Signed, Blind Tom Pirate
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