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Pirate Blackfoot

Chessy has come alive with a deep interest in RP'ing on the Highseas. There are at least 5 different groups and actual guilds (such as the 'Order of the Crimson Pirates) here on Chessy that currently have or are putting together a group, in one sense or another, whether it's wanting to be friend or foe, to sail the highseas in search of fame, fortune, booty, Booze, wenches, or just trying to be the next notorious Pirate group or a group that saves the Realm's Royal's.

With that being said, the Notorious pirate group known as the CRIMSON PIRATES are holding a "RECRUITING DRIVE" at the Keg & Anchor Tavern in Trinisic, Tram side, at between 8:30 pm Eastern and 9:30 PM . Everyone & anyone interested in wanting to play the part of a pirate are welcomed to attend. Ale & food are compliments of the Crimson Pirates.

Since the Highseas expansion was released, we have been trying to expand on the idea of doing something with it besides fishing. So here is your chance to come out of hiding and show the interest you might have in playing.

The only game requirement is that you have to have the "Highseas Expansion" in order to board the ships and play along. Positiions and different duties can be discussed at the recruiting area. The other request is that you must try and RP the pirate in the sense of what pirates wear, talk, act, and such. It is also nice to if you have a ship that is equiped with cannons/ammo, but not necessary, as you can play the part of a Buccuneer, cannoneer, etc. But the biggest part of all this is "HAVING FUN". Thats what it's all about.

The RP'ing of any group cuts thru the waters both on the Fel & Tram. Depending on whats going on.

So hope to see a good turn-out at the Tavern. Come share the food, ale & wenches as we drink hardy to the rise of swords. Arrrrrrrr!