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Pirate Adventures continue at the Jolly Roger

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Candles and lamps burned brightly into the night as Hawkeye Pike and Scarst waited for word from Capt. Trinsic and Yellowbeard's crew to return from their nights raid on New Haven.
Scarst popped the cork on another rum while Pike carved on his latest scrimshaw ship. "What be keepin' em this long?" bellowed Pike, and he turned to Scarst, and promply *belches & farts* at the same time, a trick only he and Trinsic seemed to manage. "Bad ale Captain? or was the stew not to yer liking?"
Both pirates laughed, *har, har*, then they both stood up in a hush!
"Be that their ship anchorin" I hears?" says Pike. "Aye it surely do Captain." says Scarst. They wake the rest of the sleep deprived crew layin' around the Jolly Roger Inn, "Up me lads, up and awake the raidin' party has returned." shouts Hawkeye as Scarst runs to look out the upper floor doorway..."Aye, and they all seems to have made it back alive."
Meanwhilst, the crew of 'The Mary Anne', a sleek pirate raider belongin' to Capt. Trinsic and piloted by the Yellowbeard, a 'take-no-prisoner' pirate of the "Old School" brought news of pillaging, burning and all around teararising of the town of New Haven, even the chasing of the town's mayor out of town.
"They won't soon forget the United Pirates this night, har har!" shouted Trinsic, as the two pirate bands lifted bottles of stolen ale, *Har, har, har* laughed the weary but now joyful crews.
"Tis so good to live the life of a pirate Hawkeye." says Trin..."Aye matey, aye tis true, ther be no better life then this!" bellowed Pike and he himself fell off his stool, *belched & farted at the same time* ...*har, har, har* laughted all the men. "Let's see if'n you can do that again, along with Trin as a duet of sorts?" said Aneirin, as he snorted and laughed at the sight of Hawkeye rollin' on the Jolly floor.
And the adventures continue.:sword: Blind Tom & Loggins recall from a somewhat foggy brain.


Stratics Veteran

Ahoy mates,

Could it be's that PIke is still sailing? Living, planning, and building a force away from the evil eyes of Trammel?

Hast anyone visited the Red Skull Bay in Felluca?



Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ahoy friends,

Pike is not sailing. At least not in Sosaria. Believe me, would I come back to the world of UO you'd be the first to know. I check these boards from time to time, admiring the dedication of Blind Tom.

I'm doing quite well in RL. After my summer adventures I felt really relaxed, but quickly work caught up on me. I'm quite busy these days with my job but I'm trying to maintain my fitness through the winter. Summer's over and so are the times of excessive BBQ parties. Christmas is already at our doorstep. Damn, time's going by fast...

I miss you guys, but when following the development of UO (or the lack of it), it becomes more and more unlikely that I will return to Britannia again. Also, EA seems to have messed up the account management, so I doubt that my old account would still be accessible. Which makes it even easier for me to resist. However, I will drop a line on these boards from time to time, when you least expect it. :)

Safe travels my friends!
Hawkeye Pike

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Re: Pirate Adventures continue at the Jolly Roger part 2

The rain had been pattering down on the deck of the rotten pirate vessel for days and days. The crew was more than displeased, not only because of the horrible weather and the dreadful gusts lashing salt water across the deck all day, but also because the food supplies were rotten and Nujel'm still seemed far away. They had left Yew in time and should have arrived at their destination two days ago. But Captain Jack Black's compass was broken, and he was steering the ship merely intuitively as it were, usin' the stars ta guide them along by night's watch. After three more days, the situation escalated. The crew plotted a mutiny and marooned poor Jack Black on a small island. There he was found by a couple of sea dogs who belonged to the crew called the United Pirates, under the direction of Capt. Pike, they were hunting good places to bury their latest treasure and booty. There they were obviously planning to bury some contraband on Amoeba Island, when they stumbled across the tattered ex-captain. Jack Black was picked still alive but sorely sun burned and weak. Well, they up and invited Jack to come to the Red Skull Bay, a cosy pirate village on the southern tip of the Britannian mainland. Gladly he accepted, and a short time later he officially joined the brethren of the United Pirates. Twas he that recruited Iron Davey Flint and 'ol Blind Tom from better days of pirating together, and along with the invitation came opportunity for all of these new faces to join with the old to continue the United Pirate adventures. There be more to tell ye of recent events in Trinsic, but that'll keep for another time.
Safe journies to yas, and keep a weather eye out fer storms mates.
yours truly, Blind Tom