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Pinco's UI


UO Software Engineer
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I seem to get a lot of lag in the pit, specifically when new stuff spawns, though sometimes its inexplicable bubbles of random lag.

I've also noticed that there is a serious performance hit when there are multiple mobs and other animated objects (like fire fields). This is new as of the last publish. I can easily replicate the lag.
The Publish 93 EC update only added support for the in-game store generic gump which allows tool-tips to be displayed for larger templated buttons and a fix for GenericGumpLabelResizeTemplate not correctly displaying text. Please send in/post screenshots or videos of your interface when you are experiencing lag along with the server and time so that I may determine whether or not your issue is client or server related. It would also be good to know if your lag exist when you remove all UI elements(L-shift+A). We are committed to fixing bugs with the EC and supporting the custom UI community. Send screenshots to [email protected].