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Pimp your Vanarch candidate with TERA's campaign poster contest


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Ok you Tera fans out there. here is your chance to make an impact on the game.

Thanks Massively and Jef Reahard for the heads up. :)

Pimp your Vanarch candidate with TERA's campaign poster contest

by Jef Reahard on May 23rd 2012 11:00AM
Fantasy, Contests, Game mechanics, MMO industry, News items, TERA
Want to get your Vanarch's mug on the front page of the TERA website? Now you can, thanks to a new campaign poster contest sponsored by En Masse Entertainment. What the heck is a Vanarch? It's the player politician who oversees various provinces in the world of Arborea. Vanarchs can open shops, enable or disable open PvP, raise taxes, and basically affect the game world (and other players) in ways that are off-limits in your average themepark MMO.

The contest rules are pretty simple. You'll need to include your campaign poster, along with a short paragraph extolling the virtues of your candidate, in an email to En Masse. You'll want to be quick about it too, as the submission period ends tomorrow.

This week's election cycle ends the day after, and you can view the election calendar at the official TERA website.