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Pies, Pies, and more Pies!

Discussion in 'Archive & Reference' started by BrianFreud, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. BrianFreud

    BrianFreud Wiki Maker & Doer of Crazy Things
    Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator Campaign Supporter

    Oct 2, 2013
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    Since there doesn't seem to be any reference list, and we all apparently just realized there's way more colors of Mesanna cream pies than most of us thought, I've put together a list of every pie I can find. I've included it if 1) it uses one of the 4 pie graphics or 2) it includes pie in the name. Let me know if you find any still missing here, or if you can help with any of the missing hue numbers :)

    ICQ 23573865

    Total pie items currently known: 169 (Each craftable pie is counted thrice.)

    Pies sold only by NPCs
    Baked Pie

    Player-Craftable Pies
    These can exist non-exceptional, exceptional without crafter name, and exceptional with crafter name
    Autumn Dragonfish Pie
    Baked Apple Pie
    Baked Fruit Pie
    Baked Meat Pie
    Baked Peach Cobbler
    Baked Pumpkin Pie
    Baked Quiche
    Blue Lobster Pie
    Bull Fish Pie
    Crystal Fish Pie
    Fairy Salmon Pie
    Fire Fish Pie
    Giant Koi Pie
    Great Barracuda Pie
    Holy Mackerel Pie
    Lava Fish Pie
    Reaper Fish Pie
    Spider Crab Pie
    Stone Crab Pie
    Summer Dragonfish Pie
    Unbaked Apple Pie
    Unbaked Fruit Pie
    Unbaked Meat Pie
    Unbaked Peach Cobbler
    Unbaked Pumpkin Pie
    Unbaked Quiche
    Unicorn Fish Pie
    Yellowtail Barracuda Pie

    Rare Pies
    [pie without a name] (from baking an Unbaked Pie) (hue: 0)
    Formosa's 4th Anniversary Ammo (hue: ?, Formosa 2015)
    A Christmas Pumpkin Pie (hue: 542)
    A Maple Leaf-Shaped Pie (hue: 2633) (origami geometric shape image)
    A Midnight Eel Pie (hue: 2595)
    A Mince Pie [Europa Christmas 2010] (hue: 0)
    A Pile of Snow
    *Created by unstacking a pie from a stack of "Formosa 4th Anniversary Ammo" pies. Restacking 2 or more "A Pile of Snow" pies will return the name back to "Formosa 4th Anniversary Ammo".
    A Potato Latke (hue: 0) (baked pie graphic)
    An Eel Pie (hue: 2618)
    A Salmon Pie - Sonoma Summer Net Toss August 2012! (hue: 243)
    A Tasty Meat Pie (hue: 0)
    A Tasty Meaty Pie of Meat (hue: 1863) (partially eaten pie image)
    Baked Apple Pie crafted by EM Tempest (hue: 0)
    Baked Fruit Pie crafted By EM Nestor For A Special Treat (hue: 0)
    Baked Fruit Pie crafted By The Fall Harvest Queen (hue: 312)
    Baked Pumpkin Pie 2009 (hue: 0)
    Baked Pumpkin Pie crafted by EM Nestor Thanksgiving 2009 (hue: 0)
    Banana Pie. Without the Cream. (hue: 154)
    Big Chocolate Muffin (hue: 1022)
    Blood Pie (hue: 1287)
    Blood Pie (hue: 2070)
    Blueberry pie. How Nummy (hue: 206)
    Christmas Cranberry Pecan Pie (hue: 338)
    Christmas Plum Pie (hue: ?)
    Cow Pie (50-count version. hue ?)
    Cow Pie (2-count version. hue 0, bread graphic)
    Figgy Pudding (hue: 890) (baked pie graphic)
    Fresh Chocolate Pie Baked By Ms. Claus (hue: 542)
    Halloween Pumpkin Pie (hue: 1920)
    Happy Thanksgiving Pie Izumo 2012 (hue: 1922)
    Happy Thanksgiving Pie - Izumo 2012 (hue: 1922)
    Harvest Festival Of Legends (hue: 0)
    Honey Pie (hue: 42) (bread loaf image)
    Humble Pie (hue: 1109)
    Jack'O Lantern Pie (hue: 0)
    Key Lime, Delicious. (hue: ?)
    Memorial Pie - Asuka 15th Anniversary (hue: 1172)
    Mesanna's Birthday Pie (hue: 1098)
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 0) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 6) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 18) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 23) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 35) - Napa
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 37) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 38) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 43) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 51) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 68) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 113) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 233) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 243) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 402) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1150) - all shards
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (stacked) (hue: 1150) - all shards
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1157) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1287) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1428) - Wakoku
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1462) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 2069) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 2070) - shard?
    Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 2087) - shard?
    Mesanna's Halloween Pumpkin Pie (hue: 1258)
    Mesanna's Ignition Pie (hue: 1161)
    Mesanna's Sakuramochi (hue: 1166)
    Mesanna's Special Rapid Pie (hue: 1462)
    Mesanna's Strawberry Syrup Pie (hue: 1931)
    Mince Pie (hue: 0)
    Mochi Of Tokuno (hue: 1153)
    Molly's Marvelous Maple Macaroon (hue: 437) (baked pie graphic)
    Neon Pie - Not sure how it tastes. (hue: 89)
    Pastry Pie Legends 2009 (hue: ?)
    Piecrust (hue: 1933) (bowl and roller graphic)
    Pilfered Pie (hue: 143)
    Pilfered Pumpkin Pie (hue: 143)
    Pumpkin Pie (hue: 0)
    Pumpkin Pie (hue: 48)
    Pumpkin Pie Legends 2009 (hue: ?)
    Putrid Pumpkin Pie (hue: 48)
    Rasberry Pie. Made with Real Fruit. (hue: 709)
    Red Solen's Special Pie (hue: 1157) - Note: this pie will stack, but will not show quantities
    Reindeer Meat Pie (hue: 438)
    Sacred Banana Pie (hue: 55)
    Sakura Mochi (hue: 2548)
    Savage Blueberry Mud Pies (hue: 9)
    Setsubun Bean Pie (hue: 2613)
    Setsubun Beans Pie (hue: 2637)
    Sheperd's Pie (hue: 1109)
    Sweet Potato Pie (hue: 0)
    Torte Der Liebe (hue: 1161)
    Toxic Rabbit Pie Trio (hue: 1926) (bees wax image)
    Unbaked Pie (hue: 0)
    Vespera's Festive Ferret Pie (hue: 344)
    Yamato 15th Anniversary Wasabi Pie (hue: 1925)

    Corn Pie Cake Recipe (sheet music image)

    Uncollectable Pies
    These are unable to be collected because they no longer exist
    Bomb of the Eight Virtues (hue: ?) [Asuka, fall of 2014, 3 day timer]
    Friendship Chocolate Pie (hue: ?) [Sakura, February 14, 2015, 23 hour timer]
    A Special Pumpkin Pie (hue: ? yellow) [Sakura, November 1, 2015, 1 day timer]

    2014y09m28d_230410896 (1).jpg 20150213c.png 2015y11m01d_010145283.jpg

    v1.1: Added Molly's Marvelous Maple Macaroon and Baked Fruit Pie crafted By The Fall Harvest Queen
    v1.2: Added Baked Pie and Unbaked Pie, note about stacks re: Red Solen Pies
    v1.3: Added Christmas Pumpkin Pie
    v1.4: Added Jack o Lantern Pie, Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1287), and Corn Pie Cake Recipe
    v1.5: Added Bomb of the Eight Virtues, Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 113) [Thanks @Kolka!], Torte Der Liebe
    v1.6: Added hue number for Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 402), thanks @S_S, updated hue info for Cow Pie
    v1.7: fixed the name of A Christmas Pumpkin Pie; updated hue info for A Christmas Pumpkin Pie, Baked Fruit Pie crafted By The Fall Harvest Queen, Christmas Cranberry Pecan Pie, Jack o Lantern Pie, Molly's Marvelous Maple Macaroon, Putrid Pumkin Pie, Torte der Liebe, & Happy Thanksgiving Pie Izumo 2012
    v1.8: Added hue for Sakura Mochi
    v1.9: Added Friendship Chocolate Pie
    v2.0: Added uncollectable pies section, moved those 2 pies down.
    v2.1: Added Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 1157), A Potato Latke, Happy Thanksgiving Pie - Izumo 2012, Pilfered Pumpkin Pie, both Pumpkin Pies, several missing hues. Fixed name of Jack'O Lantern Pie, Mince Pie, and Savage Blueberry Mud Pies.
    v2.2: Added Mesanna's Cream Pie (hue: 243)
    v2.3: Added A Pile of Snow
    v2.4: Added hue for Mince Pie, Harvest Festival of Legends
    v2.5: Added A Special Pumpkin Pie
    v2.6: Added Formosa 4th Anniversary Ammo and info for A Pile of Snow
    v2.7: Added info for the rarer Legends Cow Pie
    v2.8: Added Mesanna's Ignition Pie
    #1 BrianFreud, Apr 20, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  2. BrianFreud

    BrianFreud Wiki Maker & Doer of Crazy Things
    Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator Campaign Supporter

    Oct 2, 2013
    Likes Received: