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Phantom of Castle British Spin-off Episode - "Devotion of Carla Desryn" 4/21/2012, Sat, 8:00 am EST

EM Asiantam

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Brief Summary of event:
Carla Desryn, suspicious as a party of Finth Desryn, was now released from Yew prison. Carla seemed to have had dropped a letter addressed to Sutek the mage while she was imprisoned, through a mouse hole in the prison cell. Carla’s letter to Sutek was suggesting that there was a “Voltex Core Recovered from the Blackrock Detection Machine” hidden at Lord Blackthorn’s Castle, but it was gone while the Castle was occupied and looted.
Players will be asked to recover the Voltex core beforehand to the unknown enemy suspicious as FoA, which are supposed to be discovered from mobs at Exodus Lair which have got mixed into other stolen goods.

Event Starting Location: "The Salty Dog" (Sextant Loc: 3o 21'N, 21o 47'E)
* A gate will be provided from Nujel'm EM Hall. A gate to Nujel'm EM Hall is available from WBB.

Event details
ブリティッシュ城の怪人 スピンオフ・エピソード 「カーラの献身」 | ウルティマ・オンライン大和EMサイト
Sorry, Japanese only!

See you soon!