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Pet Revamp: More Details Please!


UO Designer
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Stratics Legend
@Kyronix please do not make this more complicated than it needs to be. A revamp would work very smoothly by allowing customization of what's currently available. Combat skills + magery where applicable + resists and elemental damage. Don't take this to a level where it shouldn't go by adding in stats, HPI, DCI or HCI.

Example: I have a dread mare that is 3 slots. That would leave me 2 slots to increase. I would increase fire resistance and most likely wrestling to bring it up to a 5 slot. We also should have the ability to swap special moves whenever and within reason at a cost. This would make some lower end pets better while not taking away the pecking order of creatures in the game. A greater dragon should be the king of pets but a cu sidhe should also be worth using.

But please feel free to add in a rideable pet that will spam Holy Fist at 4/6 casting for me. I would enjoy this in pvp.
The goal isn't to make it overly complicated, and the examples provided were using arbitrary stats just to demonstrate a difference in the level of customization. Making anything "worth using" while maintaining the GD as the "King of Pets" make it hard to accomplish the former task. If anything the GD is going to have to sacrifice something in some area to give each pet pros/cons to use in various situations. Otherwise everyone is just going to tank every mob on a GD while watching it crush everything with dragon AI.