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Pet gone wild bug


UO Software Engineer
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Bug has claimed another victim...

So a couple months ago I worked for hours and hours to spawn a blue Lesser Hiryu... finally got one... put it in the stable... bonded it.

Fast Forward to yesterday... I take the pet out and start round 1 of training with the Crazed Mage... Everything went just fine... raised his resists, gave him Frenzied Whirlwind and raised his MR to 30 gave him some int and a few HP... no problem.

Now this tamer has 120 Lore and Vet with 117.8 Taming... no problem... so this evening I decided what the heck I'll take him back down for round two... I go down there feed him... he's fine wonderfully happy... I start working the mage bring my archer down to take the mage out when I hit cap and all.... I get the whisper going we are doing great...

And then randomly without warning.... the Lesser goes gray..... I'm like WTF I didn't hit him or he didn't hit me... did he hit me with WW somehow I'm wondering... and then I see it... he's not my pet anymore... no warning... no message saying he's decided he's better off without a master NOTHING... just *blink* gray... I tried like heck to get him off the mage and everything but of course I couldn't invis him can't perform beneficial acts... I couldn't hop on him he's not my pet anymore nothing I did would get him off the mage even hitting him or whatever trying to draw him away..... I tried drawing the mage off of him... but that didn't work either... I tried area peacing him.... that didn't work..... eventually I just watched him die... with nothing I could do about it. I couldn't retame him he was too angry...

At any rate I can say with 100% assurance that he WAS Wonderfully happy not a min before this happened... I had not given him a bunch of commands or anything which would have lowered his happiness or anything so... yeah I don't get it... And like I said there was ZERO message that he was better off without me... he simply blinked from green to gray.... without warning.
Based on the information provided I can shed some light on what happened to your pet. We will be looking into providing players with more information so that you can take action to prevent pet loss. To start pet loyalty is tested with every command given but also every 4 four hours(real time) all unstabled pet loyalty is tested. If your pet fails the loyalty test their loyalty will be reduced. The pet not having a line of sight to the owner or the owner being hidden can also result in failing this test. Based on your post your pet was at max loyalty when you started but I would like to know how long you were done there and were you hidden at any point?