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Kylee Meer

Her eyes locked on the object in his grasp. Honesty, her ice blue Cu, stood between her and the metal objects owner protectively. Hesitant, she reached out a gloved hand just as he withdrew the chain and its pendant.

"What does it do?"

"It tells you the time.."

Confusion slipped its way across her brows forcing them downward. Why would one need to keep track of time. Surely the Time Lord himself would do his job and therefore not require additional servants to assist? Or perhaps this young man knew more than she did about time. It was, after all, within the control of those Immortals in the linear realm.

One would have thought that living in such finite ways would force the imagination to adapt and expand. Thus far all Kylee had seen was the need to control that finite existence, dictating how it flowed and where it led.

"I could go for a roast right about now." He scratched the back of his neck and moved to walk past her.

"I wish you well with your roast." It took her a few moments to realize that he was not leaving as she had assumed, but rather beckoning her to follow. Quietly she bade Honesty stay and did as requested. The door swung open to reveal the same type of floor that the hatted one insist she "Shake it" on. Not wanting to disrespect their culture, Kylee eyed the wooden boards with reservation before attempting the movements from the other night. Halfway through a side step she stopped. His hand outstretched, an apple of glorious red sat within his fingers.

Her black eyes lit up, enthusiasm bouncing in waves from her every movement as she bit into it. Sweet juice raced down her chin as various drops splattered about the room. Her cheeks swollen to the point of busting she crunched out, "I love apples!"

"I can see that." His tone of voice lost on her amid the ecstasy of apple "Where are you from that they don't have..."


"I always knew they were ass backwards...."

His response made her brows move again. Turning round and round in an effort to figure out where her rump should be rather than attached behind her she made circles on the hardwood floor. His skin took on the same shade of red the fruit in her hand as he coughed and sputtered. Perhaps his banana was stuck? She contemplated giving him a good hard WHACK in order to dislodge the piece but that became unnecessary when breath returned to him.

Five minutes later, her hand clutching a pile of gold coins she raised her fingers and smacked them against her now empty other hand. Clapping in appreciation for the possibility of future apples she watched the young man walk away.