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PeaceKeepers Of Rall


PeaceKeepers Of Rall - Traditional Values – Casual Atmosphere

PeaceKeepers of Rall is a new community focusing on Guild Wars 2 that is being established by a handful of experienced gamers.
We are a group of casual gamers who are creating a "safe place to land" for all gamers. This guild is designed simply for people to meet and play games. Yes, it IS that simple.

Below is the Guidelines we use to govern ourselvers..

1. Friendly scheduling of events that puts players' real lives first

2.A true family gaming group based on christian values ... no one will complain if a unexpected AFK happens at any time. We all have families and know RL always comes first.

3.A safe place for all members of the family to play regardless of religous belief or not. We want a place where a diverse crowd can join and discuss games in a moral and safe atmosphere

4. The highest expectation of purity in a guild ... no foul language, off-color comments, etc.

5. Each member considers others before (and more important than) self

6. Everyone can join. Our Application process is wide open but we ask that you adhere to our guidelines that we have established above to maintain membership in Peacekeepers.

We are people of peace and we will conduct ourselves accordingly.

Since we are a group of casual gamers we welcome all ages and walks of life to join us. We want each member to be as active or laid back as he or she desires. Members are encouraged to show initiative to grow our group in a way that promotes Peacekeepers among others, but not at the expense of time that should be spent with their families. You will never be required to be more involved than you choose to be and you will never be asked to do something that our leadership would not be willing to do or assist you in doing.
Who We Are Looking For...

We are looking to recruit people who agree with the Core Beliefs set forth and are interested in a Family Friendly Guild that is focused on experiencing everything GW2 has to offer.
If You Like What You See...

Please visit our website

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