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PC on Rare Golden Hair Dye?



Hey folks,

just got back on game, so i have no clue what prices are. Went on a mel run tonight & i got some hair dye which im told is the rarest of colors. Not sure on that but its what i was told :) its a bright golden bottle.

Anyway, i was told it can sell for as high as 18 mil. I put on vendor for 16 mil. is that a legit price? too high/low?

Thanks in advance.


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On the shards I play, it generally is in the 7-10 range. I've seen it as cheap as 5. I doubt you'll get 16 for it, especially if your shard isn't real crowded.


damn, hope thats not the case, but thanks for the reply. the guy i was with when i got it said the cheapest he had seen it for on ches was 12 & as high as 18. That got me pretty excited, but hey even 5-10 mil would be a nice pick up for some hair dye. :)