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[Atlantic] PC Black and White Cu


Stratics Veteran
I have absolutely no idea what prices for Cu Sidhes are or how good/bad those are overall.


Black one is 70% 5088 Intensity
White one is 50% 4955 Intensity

I'd like to sell both and would appreciate any advice on pricing them :)


Crazed Zealot
Price will depend on shard a bit. Price for black would range from 40-70. Price for white would range 30-40. Depends a lot on shard, supply/demand. Cold resists can be a little problem but black is not too bad.
A super good blackie may sell for as much as 150-200 M depending on points, HPS and overall stats. I have seen a few blackies sell for 200 M, but different stats, also black is second most desirable color only to Blaze.
I also have see decent black and white Cus with super high hps just not sell at all.
Needing fast cash or running out of stable slots is also a problem. That causes us to sell for much much less, and in-game.
You can look in the Traders Hall under "pets for sale tag". and you may get some idea. Anyways best place to sell is in Traders Hall in stratics and not in game.
I would give it a shot at Traders Hall, and ask for bids, and elicit comments and offers. Probably best idea.
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Crazed Zealot
No problem. I have myself made a little uo gold by taming stuff. Not too bad, and its a little challenge, but worth it, if you like the taming grind..


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
I've seen quite a few whites on ATL going for less than 25 the past few weeks, depending on stats. Some as low as 15.