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General Patch Issue on Install


Stratics Veteran
Hi, I am having issues logging into Ultima Online. I start the download from uo.com and when it gets finished it always kicks back a patch error. Always the same patch error. I have tried both clients. I have deleted completely and retried both multiple times. I have reset my laptop to factory settings and tried and still nothing. I have tried to run in an older windows and that did not work. I have ran every attempt as administrator. I've gone into the files and tried to run patch.exe from inside the program files. I have been trying to get on for two days and it is the same error over and over. I have attached a photo of the error message I recieve. I am running windows 8.1 on a lenovo laptop, corei7 processor, nvidia geforce gtx graphics card. Thanks for any help you maybe able to offer. I have contacted EA but they keep sending me the same generic "Delete all files and download from uo.com" and I keep telling them that I have done that in every email to them. @Bleak @Kyronix

Also here is the link to my post on general thread if it is of any importance.



Lord Gandalf

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Did u make sure u dont have any packets loss problems? To test this go to cmd and try to ping some random servers. Ex: ping (address) -t

This could be an ISP problem