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Party time?



I just chcked my computer calender, ouch. Not long to go I want to attend some parties!

Renee TSO

Yeah i thought there would be more partys as well...hmmmm....when i get home from work maybe ill throw a little something together. Now that you mention it, it doesnt look like anyone is throwing partys for the last day either...before the big break(let me have that) *giggles*


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I hadnt planned a party, but I will be there the last couple of days. I'll be roaming between my houses taking screenies and prolly end up at the park for the final hours so no greening and I can hang out with my beloved pets. Anyone who would like to hang out and reminisce with me is more then welcome to. We had some good times at the park, I will really miss it.

City Park, located in AV, Niki King-.


I'm hosting a party on July 31st. Look up my sim "Kaiden Blake" & join us!


There has been talk of sims playing as GHOST on the last day. Roaming around haunting houses. That may be an idea for you guys to join the fun.