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I'm trying to get to 120 parrying but am currently stuck at 117. I tried having 20 unarmed female warriors attacking me at once at Jhelom but still haven't gained anything. I have skills pointing down so I'm sure it's not stuck because I don't have enough allocation. Can anyone give me some idea as to what I should fight to keep gaining?


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Do you have Bushido and if so then how high, are you elf or human, and what do you currently have equiped? Twenty unarmed fighters should have taken you to 120.


Babbling Loonie
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If you dont have bushido make sure that you dont have a shield equiped and rather equip a weapon that you dont have a weapon skill in.

Lets say you have
120 swords
117 parry

What you will need to do is equip a fencing or macing weapon(no UBWS) and remove your shield, allso try to avoid dci items. This should takle you to 120 in minutes.

If you have bushido i think you have to do this the other way around ie equid a shield and not a weapon.


If you have bushido you want to equip BOTH, but as previously stated use a weap not of your skill...

If no bushido and swords a gnarled staff works awesome,

Mind you i never found the female warriors to work well...i myself used sheep and a HPR suit consisting of Crystaling, BOH, Crimmy, Tali and when i had bush i used a hpr2 club and shield. (neither took any damage going from 50-115 in 3hours)