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Parchment posted at Minoc Town Stone

Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
Citizens of Minoc,

Thank you for attending our town's first Town Hall meeting and providing me with your valuable input and pledge of assistance to the city.

I was pleased to see Minoc's High Advisor, Lady Ursaladiin in attendance, along with Minoc's Captain of Trade Baron Akron, Grandmaster tinker Buck, Clara, Hobo Jim and others!

I am also honored to announce that Lady Uba Ptah Mun has offered their services as Minister of Trade, to the City, and shall work along with our Captain of Trade to ensure diplomatic relations with our sister cities while furthering trade relations.

As discussed in our meeting, we will address with the Crown the following concerns:

The location of a public trash can at the Bank of Minoc, as requested by all Citizens.

The renewal of trade relations with the Merchant's Association, until such a time that a majority vote overturns that decision.

The opening of dialogue to address if our Trade Minister can be encouraged to move to a more suitable and visible location within the city.

Guard posts located near the two major entrance/exit points to the City for staffing by Minoc's appointed guards.

Other items, as discussed, will be addressed at a later council. As we all agreed, our treasury has improved greatly since the past Governorship and therefore our town should not see the homeless, the needy, nor guards or citizens without basic necessities (such as shoes!).

Therefore, we shall be hosting an event shortly forthcoming to ensure that all Citizens of the city have their basic needs met and suitable shelter.

Let's remember our discussion of the history of our City and of the resources and talent it brings to all other parts of the Realm; It is time to revitalize and restore Minoc.

Warmest Regards,


Noble Beast

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*Home & Hearth @ Last*

*Uba Ptah Mun steadily prepared her Agent's Reports for tomorrow's duties - eavesdroppers, turn-coat pirates lusting nothing but gold, noble lechers fat on privilege & pride. Now. Here. Uba felt she could thrive. She continued to work as Claudia entered, beaming with joy, babbling about her oath taking & GuildMates. Without remembering seeking it, Uba discovered that her left hand had found that Small Piece of BlackRock, always kept her BackPack*

"Do I want to know what your up to?" Claudia grinned.

"No." Uba replied, "Demonstrate Blind Trust, please." Uba glanced over her shoulder at her scion before returning to her responsibilities.

"Alright..." Claudia sighed & reclined, happy to have her wizened NurseMaid home again.
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