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Pandaren Race!




Are a legendary race in the new expansion that can be either Horde or Alliance.

They were once ruled by ancient warlords known as the Mogu. Though unarmed combat and high diplomacy with much tenacity they managed to overthrow the Mogu and make their own empire.

To save Pandaria from the demons flooding Azeroth the last emperor of the Pandaren shrouded his land in an impenetrable mist that would last for ten thousand years but his actions have left Pandaria haunted ever since.

Racial Traits:

Epicurean:Increases teh stat benefits from food by 100%
Groumand: Increases cooking skill by 15
Inner Peace: Rested experience bonus lasts twice as long.
Bouncy: Takes 50% less fall damage.
Quaking Palm (Activated Ability): The character touches a secret pressure point on the enemy target, putting it to sleep for 3 seconds.

Classes available to the Pandaren:


Pandaren Starting Zone:

Start on the back of Shen-zin Su. A legendary giant turtle that helped pandaren explorers go beyond the mist. However these pandaren explorers also lost contact with their homeland shrouded in mist. Players will both while on the back of Shen-zin Su encounter both the Horde and the Alliance while in their training to help their homeworld and the turle they are on from being swallowed by the sea. Before they are finished with their training they will have to choose which faction they wish to allign themselves with before they venture out into the world struck by cataclym and war.



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I suppose calling the new race "cute" is frowned upon, so I'll limit my comments to: excellent post! :)


I've been wanting Pandaren for forever! I'll be turning my 85 rogue into one as soon as MoP is released.