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[Selling] Pair of Standing Lady Statues


I have two standing lady statues for sale on Atlantic. Asking 2.25p for the pair.

Contact me via Discord - DxMonkey#1849



That wasn't meant to be condescending. The one you are referring to was nabbed at a castle drop just a couple of nights ago, and they are making a quick sale. I'm unsure if you're aware of the inflation lately, but the going rate of a trammel 18x18 from what I've been seeing has been 800m as well. Now with that in mind, I would not trade one of these statues for an 18x18 - which was 50m just a few months ago. If prices fall again (which they likely will), so will my inventory. These statues rarely come up for sale, so I cannot base my price on per se - one that was sold last year, etc in this current market.

My price is somewhat negotiable, but not 800m negotiable. I apologize if you thought I was trying to be a jerk, but my price is my price for a reason, not just trying to rip a gap. I appreciate your input though :)