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Pacific Auction List for Sunday October 23, 2011

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The Pacific Auction House (PAH) has a HUGE auction this Sunday!!!! Check out the whole list and I'm sure you will find an item that will catch your intrest if not many items. Auction starts at 12 noon Pacific ~ 3:00 PM Eastern. House is located North East of the Luna Moon Gate on Pacific only 2 to 3 screens away

(Sorry everyone about Last Sunday....I was visiting my 98 year old Grand Mother in Oklahoma and my Laptop took a dump on me:stretcher:)


A Skull Rug (South) (Gives Treasure Maps and looks KEWL!!!)
Agon The Scapegoat ~ Pacific 2011
Archdemon Statue
Green Angel Gift Box & Red Angel Gift Box
Conjurer's Trinket
Archery Butte Deed
Bless Deed

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Ladder Deed 150,000
Medusa Statue 150,000
Animal Tamining +15 Bracelet 25,000
Black Vampire Bat 50,000
Pile of "GOLD COIN" =65,534 Gold Coins 100,000

Two Wall Torch Deeds 250,000
Talisman Of The Fey (Cu Sidhe Form) 100,000
A Candel Blessed By Love For Lady Kyrie Elaison 1,000,000
The Holy Sword 150,000
4 Dye Tubs (Special, Funiture, Leather and Rare Black Newbie) 250,000

Elves Only All 70's Suit(MG 12,SR 12,SI 24 and MI 8) 2,000,000
9 sponges 5,000
2 A Giant Pumkin Muffins and a "Mesanna's Cream Pie" 5,000
White Anvil 9east) and 2 Gossamer 5,000
Tomestone 5,000

Named Hat and Shirt 5,000
Very Rare ("Cut Leather") Leather 2,000,000
Two +60 Ancient Hammers (1,185 uses) 2,000,000
Mystic Hammer 5,000
Verite Mallet and Chisels 2,000,000

A Legendary Scroll Of Blacksmithing (120 Skill) 50,000
5 Bronze Runic Hammers 500,000
Two +30 Ancient Hammers (1,404 uses) 50,000
5 Shadow Runic Hammers 50,000
5 Colored Fish Nets 50,000

3 Tattered Maps 5,000
Crystal Box and Stuff 5,000
25 Tokuno Dyes (Deep Brown) 1,000,000
Commodity Deed Worth 60,000 Clean Bandages 50,000
Hearth Of The Home Fire 50,000

Bag of Purple Carpet (9 pieces) 5,000
Tower Mini House Deed 5,000
Thatchroof Mini House Ded 50,000
3 Armor Suits (GOLD) 1,000,000
3 Armor Suits (SILVER) 200,000

Conjurer's Trinket 8,000,000
A Legendary Scroll Of Animal Taming (120 Skill) 100,000
A Legendary Scroll Of Veterinary (120 Skill) 100,000
A Legendary Scroll Of Blacksmithing and A Legendary Scroll Of Tailoring (120 Skill) 50,000

An Ultimate Scroll Of Power (+25 Maximum Stats) 1,000,000
4 Clothing Bless Deeds 1,000,000
Hunter's Headdress 1,500,000
Divine Countenance 1,500,000
"BLESS DEED" 2,000,000

House Teleporter Set (needs Gate Scrolls to Charge) 15,000,000
A Whispering Rose From Black Widow 500,000
Crystallized Essence (YELLOW!!!) 10,000,000
Green Angel Gift Box 10,000,000
Red Angel Gift Box 10,000,000

Glacial Color Sash 2,000,000
Santa's Old Socks (Yamato 2010) 2,000,000
Rubble Necklace 10,000,000
Rubble Spike Post 3,000,000
Female Sorcerer's Suit 12,000,000

8 Piece "RACK" Set 2,000,000
Rock Set 1,000,000
Deed For A Stone Ankh 1,000,000
Archery Butte Deed 4,000,000
Globe Of Sosaria Deed 100,000
Dragon Head Deed 4,000,000

Retouching Tool 15,000,000
Floor "BLOOD" 3,000,000
Wall "BLOOD" 4,000,000
Large Glowing Lady Bug (RED) 10,000,000
Fresh Green Lady Bug 10,000,000

"Grgish Swimwear" 3,000,000
A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear In Celebration Of Australia Day 3,000,000
White Lava Tile 7,000,000
(BLACK) Mesanna's Cream Pie 2,000,000
Tear Of Sacrifice 5,000,000

"WHITE" Dread Spider 4,000,000
"BLACK" Dread Spider 5,000,000
Archdemon Statue 5,000,000
Agon The Scapegoat ~ Pacific 2011 15,000,000
A Skull Rug (South) (Give Treasure Maps and looks KEWL!!!) 15,000,000

Llama Topiary 100,000
Race Change Token 100,000
Nest 100,000
Vollum in Crystal 100,000
Box of Stone Pavers 100,000

A Coupon For A Free Hair Restyling 100,000
Crystal Throne Deed 100,000
Abbatoir and Pentagram 100,000
Travesty's Fine Teakwood Tray 100,000
Slate Blue Pigment 500,000

10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 100,000
5 Bronze Runic Hammers 100,000
Horned Runic Sewing Kit 50,000
!!!NICE!!! Fishing Pole Crafted by an Evil Sorcerer 17 LRC,Luck 119,Dex 6 25,000
10 Powder of Fortifying 500,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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