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Pacific Auction List for September 11, 2100

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:danceb:Pacific Auction House is back!!!!:danceb:

:coco:After the new account management setup by EA made it to where I could not get into game for over two weeks, I got help from Crystal Rose and have everything almost under control again.:coco:

Check out the auction List for Sunday!!! Loads of great stuff and super Door Prizes!!!

Remember if you want to enter any items for next week we hang around right after the auction for a few hours to accept them or you can put yout items in a backpack (up to 5 sales per backpack) with a book listing your character name, contact info and items with a price for each.


Pigments Of Tokuno(Berserker Red 50,Dryad Green50,Rum Red 50,Fire Orange50,Purple 50 and Nox Green 50)

Conjurer's Trinket

Blue Marlin Trophy

Chaos Shield~Museum Of Vesper Replica

An Albino Squirrel Imprisoned In A Crystal

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Blade of Insanity (Artifact Rarity 11) 100,000
iolo's Lute and Gwenno's Harp 25,000
Mischief Maker 25,000
Rose Of Trinsic (special color) 50,000
AOS Sandals 50,000

Luck Suit with Jewelry 200,000
Broken Covered Chair Deed 100,000
The Holy Sword 50,000
An Albino Squirrel Imprisoned In A Crystal 100,000
Glass Dagger 250,000

A Legendary Scroll Of Chivalry (120 Skill) 25,000
5 A Mythical Scroll Scroll Of Animal Taming,Discordance,Provocation,Veterinary and Peacemaking (Skill 115) 125,000
Brightsight Lenses 75,000
Bones 25,000
Tome Of Lost Knowledge 50,000

Jewelry Animal Taming +28 LRC 22% in a Metal Box 25,000
Black Dye Tub 25,000
Wrath Of The Dryad 25,000
AOS Tunic 50,000
Chaos Shield~Museum Of Vesper Replica 100,000

Leather Dye Tub 50,000
Twinkling Scimitar 25,000
Easter Basket [10 charges] 25,000
Jaana's Staff dyed white 25,000
AOS Kilt 50,000

Two Candelabra Of Souls 75,000
Bronze Character Statue Maker (6th Year Veteran Reward) 250,000
Pigments Of Tokuno(Berserker Red 50,Dryad Green50,Rum Red 50,Fire Orange50,Purple 50 and Nox Green 50) 3,000,000
Whispering Rose From Wind 50,000
Cloak Of Humility 50,000

Robe Of The Eclipse 25,000
770 Silver Coin 50,000
Super COOL Suit (All Fire Orange) 350,000
Royal Leggings Of Embers (dyed Blue) 75,000
Guillotine Deed 100,000

A Flaming Head Deed, A Must Have for your Home 500,000
Deed for a Hanging Skeleton. A Must have for any Player 500,000
Executioner's Axe, Great Decoration for your Home!! 500,000
Rubble!!! Fern, Rubble Tree Stump and two Rocks. 250,000
Minax's Armor~Museum Of Vesper Replica 250,000

Conjurer's Trinket 10,000,000
Rocks 5,000
An Obsidian Statue Of A Troubled Poet 5,000
Stuffy Dragon 5,000
"Yew Stole My Heart Rock Hound. Signed: Easter Bunny" 5,000

10 Cracked Lava Rock 5,000
Two Recipes: Scrappers Compendium and Essence of Battle 200,000
Bloody Sash (Gargoyles Only) 100,000
Talking Crystal Ball 50,000
Heritage Token 100,000

A Wondrous Scroll Of Fishing (105 Skill) 100,000
Blue Marlin Trophy 6,000,000
4 Cans of Bait 100,000
Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings 50,000
An Ancient SOS 100,000

20 Level 1 Maps 50,000
10 Waterstained SOS's 50,000
Great Bates(in good quantities) 100,000
15 MIB's 100,000
Great New Fish Stuff 100,000

Orange Anvil 25,000
20 MIB's 25,000
Clothing Bless Deed 100,000
Heritage Token 100,000
SUPER NICE Fishing Pole!!! 25,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House


Thanks From The Pacific Auction House