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Pacific Auction House Sunday April 15, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

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Come and join us for another fun time at the Pacific Auction House!!! We have many great items to put on the auction block plus we have many huge UO GOLD checks as door prizes. We are located North East of the Luna Moon Gate in Luna on the Pacific Shard.


Your Soulstone Fragment Token
Heritage Token
Big Majik Flippers
Swords Of Prosperity
Blade of Insanity
Hitching Post (replica)

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!
War Fork Fire Elemental Slayer ED 100% 5,000
Speak "sarcophagidae" In The Central Room Of The Tomb Book 5,000
Bushel 10,000
A Wooden Box Of Exceptional Quality "Exceptional" 10,000
Trammel and Felucca Moonstones 5,000

AOS Rose "Haley" 25,000
"Blessed" Talking Crystal Ball 20,000
Your Soulstone Fragment Token 100,000
Spined Leather Sleeves Luck 134 and Night Sight 5,000
Talisman Rat Protection +59% Blacksmithing Exceptional Bonus 25% 10,000

Cloak Of Corruption 50,000
Blade of Insanity 50,000
20 Undying Flesh 5,000
Heritage Token 100,000
Yucca Tree 50,000

Skull of Daedalonious (will poof…be careful) 250,000
A Whispering Rose From Dread's Mule and a AOS Rose for Test Dummy 30,000
25 item and 125 item Metal Boxes 50,000
Bloodworm Halloween Costume 200,000
Elven Composite Longbow 5,000

Big Majik Flippers 100,000
2 Enchanted Bandage (KEWL COLOR) 25,000
2 AOS Roses "Sam" and "Bella Stone Roxxors" 50,000
2 Pedestals 50,000
Kewl Key Ring with Keys 5,000

Talisman Of Wildfire "Owned by No One" 50,000
Boomstick 25,000
Jester Hat Of Chuckles - Museum Of Vesper Replica 100,000
A Whispering Rose From Doctu Olde' and Gotrek Gurnisson 30,000
Swords Of Prosperity 50,000

Valorite Chainmail Tunic LRC 20% 10,000
Bloodwood Spirit 25,000
A Young Player Ticket 5,000
Blade of Insanity 50,000
Armor Of Fortune 100,000

Crystal Portal 250,000
Commodity Deed Worth 10,000 Enhanced Bandage 25,000
Melissa Cloak and 3 extra items 25,000
Parrots 25,000
Carpet Pieces 25,000

Set Of Rubble of Gray Plants 100,000
Set of Rubble of Green Plants 100,000
Set of Tokens Shadow and Crystal 100,000
Set of 6th Anniversary Bells (10 Bells) 500,000
A Mini House Deed "Large House With Patio" 350,000

Cloak Of Power 100,000
Arcane Shield 100,000
Rose of Trinsic 100,000
Pads Of Cu Sidhe 100,000
Conjurer's Grimoire 100,000

Pendant Of The Magi 100,000
Rune Beetle Carapace (used) 100,000
Kasa of the Raj=In 100,000
Abyssal Infernal Statuette 100,000
Hitching Post (replica) 100,000

5 Ancient Hammers +15 50,000
Valorite Anvil 50,000
5 Copper Runic Hammers 50,000
A Clothing Bless Deed 100,000
10 Powders of Fortifying and 10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 500,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House
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