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Pacific Auction House list for April 1, 2012

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Come join us for another fun auction!!! You never know when there will be SUPER HUGE door prizes!! We always do have door prizes. At time we will have door prizes that are so huge that you will need help to take them home!!

We are located in East Luna just a few screens North East of the Luna Moon Gate on Pacific. We start at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern. CYA THERE!!!


White Cloth Dye Tub
An Imprisoned Dog
An Interior House Door Key
Your Soulstone Fragment Token
Vanquishing Gnarled Staff
Spell Focusing Sash

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Fey Leggings 10,000
Aegis Of Grace 10,000
A Bottle and 1/2 of Pink Champagne and a Champagne Flute 10,000
"Of Exceptional Quality" Exceptional 50,000
"A Plain Dress Of Exceptional Quality" Exceptional 50,000
A Coupon For A Free Hair Restyling 10,000
Deco Rug parts 5,000
Gargish Protective Totem 25,000
2 Fun Hair Dyes, 2x Blessed Sandals in a Black Infested Box 10,000
An Interior House Door Key 50,000
"A Chainmail Leggings Of Exceptional Quality" Exceptional 50,000
Display Case (East) Deed 50,000
Dupre's Shield 10,000
Arrow Shafts 5,000
Wooden Cow 50,000
Kryss with 100% Poison Damage 10,000
Skinned Deer 10,000
An Imprisoned Dog 100,000
Vanquishing Gnarled Staff 100,000
Curtians Deed 50,000
Hay 10,000
A Map Of The Known World 5,000
Pumice 50,000
Spell Focusing Sash 600,000
White Cloth Dye Tub 1,000,000
Dragon Head 50,000
Lilly Pads 50,000
Nocturne Earrings 50,000
Priceless Treasure 50,000
Gargish Memorial 50,000
2 Rare Muffins 50,000
Race Change Token 50,000
New Lava Fishing Pole 50,000
Bird Slayer Talisman 50,000
Table Lamp 50,000
10 Message in a Bottle 50,000
20 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 100,000
Your Soulstone Fragment Token 100,000
10 Bronze Runic Hammers 500,000
20 Powder of Fortifying 500,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House
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