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Pacific Action List for Sunday December 4, 2011 at 1:00 PM Pacific

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Pacific Auction House welcomes you to another exciting auction.

We are located North East of the Luna Moon Gate and have great door prizes.

Remember we now start at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern!!


Pigments of Tokuno,48 Paragon Gold,22 Berserker Red and 39 Fire Orange
Etheral Unicorn Statuette 4th Year Veteran Reward
Mask Of Travesty Animal Lore & Tamining+10
Sophiscated Elven Tapestry

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Deeds 150,000
New Shame Item,Ring 10,000
New Shame Item,Bracelet 10,000
Gold Coin Pile (65,529 Gold in one pile) 250,000
Sophiscated Elven Tapestry 10,000

Commodity Deed Worth 60,000 Pieces Of Horned Leather 100,000
Your Personal Attendant Token 25,000
Ring +15 Swordsman 25,000
Five Potted Plants 100,000
Blackthorn's Kryss~Museum Of Vesper Replica 100,000

Pigments of Tokuno,48 Paragon Gold,22 Berserker Red and 39 Fire Orange 1,000,000
1,000 Blaze Cloth 250,000
Etheral Unicorn Statuette 4th Year Veteran Reward 2,500,000
Soal Seaker 25,000
Your UO Seventh Anniversary 25,000

Gorilla Statuette 10,000
A Whispering Rose From Rude Dog 25,000
Boomstick Dyed Paragon Gold 25,000
White Holiday Bell From Nimrond 50,000
Dread's Revenge 25,000

Nice Robe 10,000
Magic Flute 10,000
Apple Tree Deed 75,000
Weapon Engraving Tool 8th Year Veteran Reward 150,000
Dread Pirate Hat 25,000

Staff Of Pyros 25,000
Quiver Of Infinity 50,000
A Green Mug Of Ale 50,000
Mask Of Travesty Animal Lore & Tamining+10 500,000
"Bones" 25,000

Armor Of Fortune (cursed) 15,000
Blaze Of Death 15,000
Easter Basket with 10 charges 25,000
"Mr Money"< Legendary Artificer's Jack O' Lantern 10,000
A Legendary Scroll Of Stealth (120 Skill) 10,000

OMG!!! Valorite Dagger!!!! Must see!!! 10,000
Broken Chair 10,000
Old Tool Kit 10,000
Twilight Lantern 20,000
Misericord!! 25,000

Rose Of Trinsic (special color) 50,000
Dragon Statuette 25,000
Hearth Of The Home Fire 50,000
Sacrifical Altar 50,000
Shield Of Invulnerabilty 25,000

Pack Of Named Bows 50,000
Pack of Named Weapons and Shields 50,000
Pack of Magic Armor 50,000
Magic Rings and Bracelets 50,000
New Lava Fishing Pole 50,000

Pack of Rare Booze 100,000
Full Set Navrey's Webs 50,000
Sophiscated Elven Tapestry 4,000,000
5 Ornithology Maps 100,000
Plucked Chicken 50,000

5 Copper Runic Hammers 50,000
Your Stygian Abyss Statueete Token 50,000
Heritage Token 50,000
A Clothing Bless Deed 50,000
Soulstone Fragment Token 50,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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