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Pacific Action List for Sunday December 18, 2011 at 1:00 PM Pacific

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Pacific Auction House brings you another SUPER Auction Sunday at 1PM Pacific~4PM Eastern. Auction House is located on the Pacific Shard in Luna north east of the Luna Moon Gate.

We will be off December 25, 2011 for Christmas and January 1, 2012 for New Years Day.



Ethereal Horse Statuette
Hunter's Headdress
Defiler Of Virtue
Brave Knight Of Britannia(Replica)~Drop From Rikkitor
Virtue Armor Set with Cloak
A Deed For A Tree Stump Decoration

!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Ghoul Statuete 25,000
Ethereal Horse Statuette 1,500,000
A Holiday Timepiece 25,000
Quiver Of Infinity 75,000
AOS Cloak and Thigh Boots 100,000

A Wooden Bench Of Exceptional Quality "Exceptional" 100,000
A Disguise Kit 10,000
3 Talisman Of The Feys (Ferret, Cu Sidhe and Reptalon Form) 150,000
Lich Statuette 10,000
A Wooden Box Of Exceptional Quality "Exceptional" 100,000

Strong Box 100,000
Metal Box 50,000
A Legendary Scroll of Stealing and Stealth (120 Skill) 150,000
Ancient Hammer +30 with 539 uses 10,000
Ancient Farmer's Kasa 25,000

Blade Of Insanity Artifact Rarity 11 20,000
Potted Tree 100,000
A Pewter Mug Of Exceptional Quality "Exceptional" 100,000
Hunter's Headdress 1,000,000
2 count "A Golden Skull 50,000

"BLESSED" Talking Crystal Ball…Ask and get an Answer 50,000
AOS Fancy Dress and Sandals 100,000
1,000 Diamonds Bracelet and Necklace and 100 Diamonds Ring 25,000
AOS Rose from Father Christmas 50,000
14th Anniversary Gift Ticket 10,000

Lilly Pad and Lilly Pads 200,000
Commodity Deed Worth 10,000 Clean Bandage 1,000,000
5 Whispering Roses(Pedro Che, Gathered Spirit, JuffaArchui,Bjorn and Roger Dodger 25,000
Pink Futon 25,000
Kingfish Trophy Deed 25,000

Small Banana Tree~Environmental Spawn From Primevil Lich Spawn 100,000
4 piles of Sculls~Environomental Spawn From Lich Spawn 100,000
Brambles~Environomental Spawn From Lich Spawn 100,000
A Necromancer Shroud (replica)~Drop From Neira Spawn 100,000
Brave Knight Of Britannia(Replica)~Drop From Rikkitor 500,000

Defiler Of Virtue 4,000,000
Brave Knight Of Britannia(Replica)~Drop From Rikkitor 500,000
Virtue Armor Set with Cloak 2,500,000
A Deed For A Tree Stump Decoration 5,000,000
White Hair Dye 2,000,000

Your Armor Ingraving Tool Token 3,000,000
Display Case (South) & Sisplay Case (East) 100,000
Two Lamp Posts (SUPERCOLOR!!!) 500,000
Hitching Post, Not Replica, Unlimited Re Charges!!! 4,000,000
Snow, Maple and Willow Tree Deeds 2,000,000

Dull Copper Gryphon Statue 50,000
Gargish Banner 50,000
A Clothing Bless Deed 50,000
Advanced Training Dummy (south) 50,000
Gargish Cot 50,000

3 "We Are Pirates!" Robes 100,000
5 Rare Lava Weapons 100,000
2 Stone Footwear 100,000
Stone Pavers 100,000
Geodes 100,000

10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 50,000
NICE!!!! Fishing Pole 50,000
Horned Runic Sewing Kit 50,000
Libaray Talisman~+5 Taming & Lore, Swoop Slayer 50,000
9 count Natural Dyes 500,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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