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"Owned by"


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Whats the deal with owned by items? I bought a slither that is owned by after reading up online. When I put it on it charge to that chars name, but now i want to wear it on another char and it doesn't change names? I did kill myself and it didn't drop...so is it account bound or whats the deal?

Also I tried to page, but it was not answered...removed from que.

From the web
Owned By refers to a rare, final line of text found on Talismans. There is a small chance that a talisman, even a unique talisman, will spawn with the Item Property known as "Owned By." When a talisman with this property is equipped on a character, this property will change to "Owned By (Name of Character)" and will become blessed for that character. It cannot be looted. Talismans that have an owner cannot be equipped by any other character, and cannot be placed into a trade window.

As such talismans are rare and blessed, the more desirable "Owned By" talismans command a high price. It should be noted that the Bloodwood Spirit talisman is so common that some have taken to locking down "Owned By" versions on their front steps.


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"Owned by <char name>" used to be blessed specifically for the character that was the first to equip it.

"Owned By <char name>" acts as if it is "Blessed" for everyone now, it just retains the name of the first person to equip the item.