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[Imbuing] Overcapped HML on Soul Glaives

I've seen in other posts people suggesting that 30% SSI and HML 50% is possible on soul glaives. I know that when you try to imbue SSI, HML drops thus making it impossible to have that combination.

Could someone confirm if it is possible and if yes, please describe the process of creating such a weapon, as in what tools, suffix/prefix and type of reforging it requires?

King Greg

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
It's possible it's just ********.

You use copper hammers and reforge a soul glaive like you were reforging a weapon, but it only shows 50% hml

Then you imbue 30% ssi but the Hml stays at 50.
Thank you for your answer King Greg.

Different question, same context. I got rewarded a 50 HML soul glaive from an invasion general. Do you know if HML will drop when imbued with SSI?