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Over-capped 2 slot pets


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I am just wondering how common it is on pets that can spawn with multiple control slots to get a lower control slot that comes out over capped?

This is a 2 slot voidmare:

2slot void.png


It's not super uncommon on multi-slot pets, especially when the breakpoint between 2 and 3 slots is mid-range. With nightmares the breakpoint is in a sweet spot at the bottom of the curve, so it's not uncommon to find 90-100% 2-slot nightmares. There can also sometimes be a bit of an overlap in intensity, if the pet naturally gained dex/stam/int/mana through combat after spawning, etc. That's why we put in a buffer for certain pets to account for this (which is why the intensity rating is showing it as an overcapped 2-slot, or a really poor 3-slot.).

In either case, that's a nice nightmare, and especially nice if it's a void color :)