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Our fallen Leader... Lord Dorje the Wise



PcS, Phoenix Clans of Sosaria, sadly announces the lost of their Beloved Guild Leader Lord Dorje the Wise. Dorje passed away quietly in his sleep on 08/02/07 due to heart complications.
Dorje was a long time player on the Pacific Shard and was a shinning example of the kind of person/player we all want to be.
Not only did we lose Dorje but we have also lost Moon, his wife. Understandably she cant bring herself to play UO anymore. She will be missed as much as Dorje.
Dorje was very passionate about UO and it's players. He was kind and generous to all he met. He was always the first one to lend a helping hand, or run into battle when someone called for help. He never left anyone behind.
I can honestly say it is because of Dorje and Moon that I still play and love this game so much. When my husband and I first started playing and knew nothing it was them and the PcS Guild who took us in and taught us all we know and showed us how fun this "World" could be.
I think Warmonger said it best, "Not a Dread Horn will die at our hands without a thought of our Leader, Lord Dorje the Wise."
Dorje, we love and miss you! God Bless you and your family.... Rest in Peace....