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Ossein Ram - Tactics


Hello guys

I am training a Ossein Ram at Tokuno Mines, using whispering and Shadow Iron Ele but tactics skill stopped 54.8 and i dont understand what is happening. I am training Necro/SS AND Ana. Necro is 81.9, SS, 103.2 and Ana 109.5

Is a bug? should i release my pet and tame other?



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You need to get a shadow ele with max 80 tactics for your pet to be able to gain from hitting it. It's a +-25 points that the skill can differ from your pet and the thing it's fighting.


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Yep. When it comes to Wrest/Tact, the opponent's skill must be within 25.0 points of your pet's skill. For Anatomy, any successful hit can trigger a gain, so the easier the opponent is to land hits on, the faster the gains. Gregorio is perfect for Anatomy gains, since he has low Fencing/Wresting (when disarmed) skill, and is invulnerable to damage (unless you're on a specific quest).

Chiv+AI Ossein Rams are particularly nasty with how the increased melee damage granted by Chiv synergizes with their innate Life Leech ability.