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/\/\orituri - Destruction | WURTBAD

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"We who are about to die"

Morituri is a guild poised for expansion.

There are a little over 25 active members at the moment with around 15 core members who see each other on a -literal- daily basis. We have a very strong group of officers and only their close friends so far.

We attempt to stay Warhammer relevant without being RP, thus our Guild Titles reflect lore. We feel that immersing ourselves in the world will bring forth the best experience for all.

Today we have decided to open up the gates for recruitment. Obviously, we wanted to have a good grasp of the game and guild system before our next move.

We are a casual guild leaning towards hardcore. This means that there is no attendance tracking in raids or ridiculous class restrictions. We are here to have FUN! That should be your view as well if you are interested in us. Stomping dwarfs in the face and having a blast doing it... laughing off losses and supporting one another in all aspects.

Our guild is built in a very democratic sense with everyone having a voice, but decisions are made by the 4 acting guild leaders who are -very- involved. This is followed by a large group of officers to aid any members in need or assist in simple matters.

Guild chat is open. We ask... that you ask... any questions that might arise. Everyone is learning things as they go and I can't express enough- help your guildies out. We're all here to help!

If this sounds like a good match for you:

-contact me in game under my name posted below


-send an email with in-game name/rank/class and anything else you would like to say.

Between the hours of 10am-7pm CST it is best to email:
[email protected]

My in game hours are most often after 7/8pm Central.
(Below is my avatar's name)

I hope to have a chance to welcome you into Morituri.

Morituri Guild Profile

Guild Titles:
Chaos Lord
Undivided Warlord -Guild Leaders
Khornate Champion - Officer
Slaaneshi Chosen - Veteran (invite powers start here)
Knight of Tzeentch - Member
Nurgle Fiend - Initiate

Chaos Lord