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Origins; Merek Penrose

Merek Penrose

Stratics Veteran

In Jhelom, any citizen may rise to power regardless of race, gender, or social standing - strength is all that matters. It was with committed faith in this ideal that Merek strove to greatness. He showed potential as a soldier in the Jhelom militia, forcing himself to master the weight of a long sword when he was at a young age. He was ruthless and efficient as a warrior, but his true strength lay in his conviction. Entering battles without any trace of doubt: no ethical pause, no fear of death. Merek became a leader amongst his peers, a so called poster child of the Jhelom spirit.

Merek longed to match the skill of his father, a legendary swordsman and strategist. His talents quickly surpassed that of his older siblings. Merek's peers perceived his confidence as arrogance, though he would dismiss all judgement, striving even harder to become a worthy successor to his father.

It was at the age of nine-teen when his father had passed, the people now looking to Merek to take his fathers place as the strategist of the Jhelom Militia. Merek stood to the challenge, being responsible for countless victories, though his ignorance for being undefeated would be his downfall.

The young Merek and his people had been at war with the orc tribes over the scarce resources of the land. One such battle changed his life forever. Orc raider ambushed Merek and his company in the dead of night, and though his warriors were able to push the first wave of attackers back, they were not prepared for the dark figure that next stepped forth. He wielded a cruel, living sword, and inspired an unhinged bloodlust in the invaders with his unearthly magic. Merek's company was overrun within moments. With no hope of defeating the enigmatic being, Merek threw himself at certain death. The dark figure swatted him aside, mortally wounding the young strategist.

Merek watched as death and destruction engulfed his home. No one was left standing - only the screams of the dying remained. Unable to surrender to death, Merek gave in fully to his wrath. His blood boiled and his anger consumed him. He staggered to his feet- barely able to take hold of his sword. Merek reached toward the dark figure as a bolt of fiery lightning shot from his palm toward his now new nemesis, missing him. The figure did not even lift his blade, and instead gave Merek a knowing smile as he withdrew into the shadows.

A man robbed of his home and his people, Merek wandered across the narrow seas for years, vowing to seek knowledge of his newly gained powers in hopes of revenge.