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* Origin Guidelines * FAQ * Character Listings *

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Welcome to the Origin Shard Forums!

Please take a moment to review the Posting Guidelines for these forums, as well as other content you may find to your liking in this post.

- - - - - - - - - -

Sections: <font face="courier new">(please choose a section below)

<blockquote><ul>[*]Section 1: Origin Forum Posting Guidelines<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Please read these these posting guide-lines before you start posting, please also check back here from time to time as they may get updated.&lt;/font&gt;[/list][/list]<ul>[*]Section 2: Origin Shard Freaquently Asked Questions &amp; Answers<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">A list of FAQ entries to help you learn some splendid knowledge about Origin and it's Forums.&lt;/font&gt;[/list][/list]<ul>[*]Section 3: Origin Shard Community Listings<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">A listing of Forum User's Characters and information about them and their Role in the Origin Communities.[/list][/list]</blockquote>


Stratics' Finest
Stratics Veteran
Section 1: Origin Forum Posting Guidelines

Please be sure to read the Stratics Rules of Conduct, as all of this is contained there, but the below Guidelines are a few 'highlights' I would like to stress.

- - - - - - - - - -

The Origins Forum is a place for general discussion about Ultima Online, Origin, and shard activities. Although Off-Topic (OT) posts will show up now and then, try to keep them to a minimum, and confine the discussion to one thread. If an OT discussion gets out of hand, a moderator may lock or delete the thread.

Origin Forum Guidelines:

<blockquote>1) Do not post bugs or exploits:
[*]<font face="courier new">Posting a "how-to" for any bug or exploit, regardless of how harmless the bug may seem, will result in an insta perma-ban. Also listing bugs and exploits is forbidden.</font>

[*]<font face="courier new">Pretty self-explanatory.</font>

3) No Spamming:
[*]<font face="courier new">Posting simply to increase your title or annoy people (just two of the many examples) may result in immediate and permanent banning of your account. This may include "bumping" of posts.
NOTE: If you have something of interest spanning many forums (contest, etc.), contact the news reporters and let THEM spam it for you. See the Q&amp;A below for a list of Origin Official Stratics Staff News Reporters.</font>

4) No personal attacks:
[*]<font face="courier new">Besides losing the respect of the regulars here who feel you should be able to argue with someone's point of view rather than call people names, it often just sends people off-topic and really has no place here.</font>

5) No pornography:
[*]<font face="courier new">This goes without saying. Posting pornography or links to it will result in an instant perma-ban. Do not test me on this! Don't do it to be funny. Don't do it and then say you didn't know. Don't do it and then blame it on your dog. Don't do it.</font>

6) Player run shards:
[*]<font face="courier new">Player run shards violate the OSI TOS and may not be advertised or linked to on any Stratics forum.</font>

7) Trading Posts:
[*]<font face="courier new">We have a Monthly Trading Thread stickied Up Top, that will be Renewed Each Month. Please use this thread to post your Trading Needs and Wants.
NOTE: You May post a new Trading Thread, but any bumps to the thread that are not Discussionary in nature, shall result in that thread being Locked. Do not bump Trade Threads.</font>

8) Only Stratics Staff:
[*]<font face="courier new">May post official [News]. The use of [News] in the subject line is restricted to stratics staff.</font>

9) Signature Sizes:
[*]<font face="courier new">Please adhere to the following restriction for images that are not directly related to the topic of the thread under discussion:

Maximum size of image file(s): 35k
Maximum height of image(s): 125 pixels
Maximum width of image(s): 600 pixels</font></blockquote>

Addendum<font color=red>*</font color=red>:

<blockquote>For the most part, the Stratics Rules of Conduct are no brainers and were only written down because of the response of the very small minority of people who apparently didn't know how to behave in public ("But how was I to know you weren't supposed to link to pornography?"). Some of the rules are not so obvious (like the signature size) and were added to make the forums run more efficiently (with 80,000+ users you need all the edge you can get) and the nice effects can be found in the FAQ which, like the RoC, has a link at the top of every page.

<font color=red>*</font color=red>Adopted from the Legends Shard Rules, thanks NewThunder!</blockquote>


Stratics' Finest
Stratics Veteran
Section 2: Origin Shard Freaquently Asked Questions &amp; Answers<font color=red>*</font color=red>

<blockquote>Question: My post is missing, what happened to it?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: If you find that one or more of your posts are missing, and you were not notified by a Moderator, then feel free to PM me about the Missing Posts of Yours. I will not answer you about someone else's missing post, only yours.

Most likley what has happened when someone finds their post is missing and they did not violate the RoC, is this: When someone replies to another post, those posts become "linked." When a post is removed, any other posts that were direct Replies to it, are also removed. There is no way to circumvent this, and no way to retrive removed posts. I appologise for this, as long as your post did not contain any elements that violate the RoC, I can try and retrieve the contents of Your post, and you may repost it. Just PM me with specifics. Again, I will not give you details of anyone else's posts, besides yours.[/list]</font>

Question: What is the Origin Shard?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: The Origin shard is a perminate replacement for 'Test Sosaria' and will be a normal shard in all ways, with a few minor differences. ALL new content and patches will first be 'tested' on Origin. Which means Origin will be the first with new content, however it also means that the possibilities of a shard revert is more likely, given the ammount of untested content the shard will recieve.[/list]</font>

Question: Will the Dev Team be playing on the Origin Shard?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: It has been stated by EA that you are more likely to run into a Developer on the Origin shard than you will on any other normal production shard.[/list]</font>

Qusetion: When did this shard go live?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: Thursday December 16th, 2004 - Approximateley at 5pm Pacific time.</font>[/list]

Question: Are there any limitations to this new server?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: Unil Tuesday, June 14th 2005, three rules apply to Origin.
  1. You may not transfer a charater to or from the Origin server.
  2. You may not buy an advanced Charater Template.
  3. In Order to log into the Origin server you MUST have an Ultima Online: Samurai Empire upgraded account.

Question: Where is the Origin server to be housed?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: The actual physical location of the Origin server is the EA building in Northern California.</font>[/list]

Question: How can I test my ping to the Origin server?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: There are two methods, mayhaps more.
  1. Download and use UOTrace, a free Utility found in UO's Customer Help Section, which explains how to use it.
  2. In Windows, hit 'Start' then 'Run' and type "ping origin.owo.com" and you can see your ping rate to the Origin server.

Question: How does housing work on the Origin shard?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: Origin is a NORMAL production shard and is subject to the 1 house per account rule. Therefore, should you place a house on the Origin shard, any other houses on your account will be condemned, falling to the ground like a house made of lincoln logs.</font>[/list]</blockquote>

- - - - - - - - - -

Origin Shard Stratics Staff
<blockquote>Forum Moderators
<ul><font face="courier new">[*]FireBird[*]terraseer[/list]</font>
Forum News Reporters
<font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Braelynn Aria[/list]</font></blockquote>

- - - - - - - - - -

Origin Shard's Daily Mainenance
<blockquote>Question: When does the Origin Shard undergo it's Daily Maintenance?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: At approximately 5:00 a.m., Pacific Standard Time. During this time, Origin is unavailable, lasting approximately 15-25 minutes.</font>[/list]

Question: How can I tell what time it is in Origin's Time Zone?
<ul>[*]<font face="courier new">Answer: I have set up Java Web Clock to show everyone what Time it is in Origin Time Zone (Pacific Time). You may view this clock here: Origin 24 Hour Clock</font>[/list]</blockquote>
- - - - - - - - - -

If you would like to see a Q&amp;A added to here, please PM it to me and I shall get it added! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

<blockquote>You may also find Alot of Useful Forum Information Here: Forum Help</blockquote>
- - - - - - - - - -

<blockquote><font color=red>*</font color=red>Thanks to Narcissus for the original posting of the Origin FAQ!</blockquote>
- - - - - - - - - -


Stratics' Finest
Stratics Veteran
Section 3: Origin Shard Community Listings

<blockquote>This Section is meant to Identify Forum Posters with their Characters in the Origin Shard.
<ul>[*]If you would like your Character List Added or Updated, PM Me the following Information:
  1. <font face="courier new">Your Forum User Name (Do not give me your password, Staff will never ask for your Password)
  2. <font color=red>*</font color=red>Character Name
  3. Guild Name &amp; Abbreviation thatCharater is in (optional)
  4. Character Description (optional, can also be a RPG Background Description, or a list of Skills)
<font color=red>*</font color=red> = Required to get listed. If you want to have your character(s) listed but do not want people to know who your Forum User Name, then tell me "Annonymous" as your Username and I will list your Character(s) in the Annonymous Section.[/list]</blockquote>
Origin Shard Community Personal Listing<blockquote>All entries are in alphebetical order by Forum User Name, save for the Anonymous Listings.
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Alderis</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Alderis[/list][*]Role-Playing: Being killed by ratmen while trying for a necro scroll to help team zole steal the inquis gloves \o/.. also being res-killed by paragon bunny rabbits! Which was ofc fun.. dunno how much I'll be on Origin as I'd rather pk on DF when I play but we'll see.[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Anasazi2</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Born for Water - Pally[*]Monster Slayer - Samurai[/list][*]Additional Note: Husband &amp; Wife Team!
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Barbed Wire</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Barbed Wire - A swords paladin[*]Jaycia - A crafter, who has found that gm'ing mining on a shard with few forges and no rune book mining (by hand not macroing) is tough going.[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Braelynn Aria</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Braelynn Aria[/list][*]Role-Playing: Never been too good at roleplay, but Im generally a good character, I like to help people when I can. I'm all for community and would love to get to know other like-minded folk. Ive got some great friends here that I played with on TS. On Sosaria I was basically the elected Mayor of Friendship town. It was great fun putting together the town, then helping out Hanse with some dying (way before it went out of controll). I love that we can help the devs out here, wether knowingly or not.[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Broken Blade</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Raistlin Majere - My favourite fantasy character of all time, semi-RP'd[*]Steel Soul - Classic PvM Paladin[*]Ziggy Stardust - Supercraftsmen (Mining, Smith, Tailor, Carpentry, Tinkering, Lumberjacking, Magery)[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Caveat Emptor</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Caveat Emptor[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>CGoblin</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Eve - My female character! Made to play with my wife's character Adam. She is a treasure hunter/mage/fisherwoman/alchemist. Lockpicking, Cartography, Magery, Eval, Meditate, Alchemy, and Fishing.[*]Falling Rock - (Watch for me on the Roads!) Just a mage/tamer character... I love the thought of taming so I made one. :p[*]Orik - Mule-type character. Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Mining, Tailoring, Tinkering, Bowcrafting, Magery. All skills are over 50 currently and Magery will top off at 60. I plan on using a Blacksmithy PS and a Tailoring PS.[*]Orim - PvM Paladin/Samurai combo fighter and my main character. Skills will all be GM and no PS will be used. Swordsmanship, Tactics, Anatomy, Chivalry, Bushido, Healing, Focus.[/list][/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Chaucer of TS</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Nemesis - pally/ swordsman[*]Pelbrun - peacer/ mage (tentatively)[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Chibi53</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Chibi[*]Sami[/list][*]Guild: No guild yet but looking[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Cody McCourt</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Korin V[/list][*]Additional Notes: I own a player town outside east luna and am always looking for new members![/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Cyn</font color=blue>
<font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Cyn - (Name derived from a very old and near-forgotten guild, "Seven Deadly Cyns." Male druid used for umm, "questionable" activities. His intentions are most often benevolent, though his methods are sometimes, ummm... dubious. A stalwart companion.Ace Hardware- A workcoholic blacksmith of questionable intelligence and likely to give away every nickel of profit that he ever makes.[*]Easter Bunny - an anti-hero, thief and poisoner. His motto: "Thievery is an artform and all Sosaria is my canvas."[*]Mule - an enigma and far more than the name implies. Only time will reveal the truth about this guy. [*]Plague - An unpleasant sort with a storied history. His shadow images, some blue and some...not so blue, have appreared on many shards over the years. he comports himself with an odd sense of honor regardless of his circumstances. A role-playing PVPer if the con allows. (And sometimes when it doesn't) Should have named this guy, "DeadFencer Walking."[/list][*]Additional Notes: Official Origin Shard Stratics News Reporter.[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>DanWoo1956</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Dan Leajer - Tamer/peacer[*]Ford E Niner - you should be able to figure out what he is lol[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>DestinyO</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Daenys Targaryon - Tamer[*]Destiny - Mage[*]Indy - T-hunter[*]JadeDragon - Fencer pally[*]Quicksilver - Crafter[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Dragoneye John</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Dragoneye John[*]Pink[/list][*]Guild: UOB[*]Role Playing: Not really[*]Additional Notes: I am another player of the big german community represented on http://ultimaonline.gamigo.de/cms/1.0.html[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Entomologist</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]an entomologist - always a tamer/mage[*]a rat catcher - archer/tamer[*]a rat - all around crafter[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>EricOfRhavyn</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Eric Of Rhavyn[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>FFBooks Again</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Perelandra[/list][*]Role Playing: I normally respond to people in the manner in which they approach me. If you use a modern manner of speech, then I'll talk to you naturally. If you're an RPer... you certainly won't get any 'dude' speech back. Although I'm not a roleplayer I respect those who are, so try to keep the gameworld as close to their preferred style as I can. [*]Additional Notes: Place most likely to find me: Either in my shop, chatting to customers, or out in the wilderness slaying animals. [/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>GangsterJabba</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Daren[*]Monk Cox[*]Mystikal Cox[*]Sam Cox[*]Smithy Cox[/list][*]Original Shard: Catskills[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>GhostPirate</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]GhostPirate[/list][*]Additional Notes: I was GhostPirate on Sonoma as well.
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Godiva_DF</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Godiva[/list][*]Guild: UOB[*]Additional Notes: I am part of a big german community represented on http://ultimaonline.gamigo.de/cms/1.0.html[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Goodman</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Goodman[/list][*]Additional Notes: I was the original founder of the Goodman Rune Libraries on the Atlantic Shard. My friends and I are busy putting together the resources to create a new Goodman's Rune Library on the Origin Shard. It will be located on the Northwest side of Luna City, inside the walls of the city, South of the walk.[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Hemisphere</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Hemisphere[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>KAZEN</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Adavindale - Mage at large[*]Cacofonix - Bard of questionable talents[*]Jamm - Scribe of minimal abilities[/list][*]Additional Notes: Making a presence in Origin as a second shard, got my house placed and am ready to party. Give a shout if your in need of cannon fodder.[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>KeigaII</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Keiga[*]Mariah[*]Stark Naked[/list][*]Additional Notes: Home Shard is Siege Perilous[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>kittykat</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Bethany - who may be a warrior or maybe something else - I might try a Paladin which I've never played before (shockingly lol) [/list][*]Additional Notes: "I also made a char named kittykat to own my house lol - thought it was fitting."[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>LadyTalia</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Alessendra Faile - Theif[*]Nineve Nardine - PallySashari - Samurai[*]Sirene Evielle - Fisher[*]Talia Crevox - Peace/Tamer[/list][*]Guild: GOC- The Guardians of Chivarly[*]Role-Playing: Yes Please!!! *laughs* I missing rp'ing greatly hope to see a community pop up on Origin. [*]Additional Notes: Home Shard is Chessie[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Lady Velvet</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Lady Velvet - (AKA) Lusty Threads[/list][*]Role-Playing: When I can. Merchant by nature. (One those there evil bod account ppl)
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Levy THB</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Levy[/list][*]Guild: The Treasure Hunters of Britannia, THB of Origin[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Mark Trail</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Albus the Mage[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Narcissus</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Constance Ferris - Blacksmith[*]Estevan Welles - Super Uber Paladin[*]Feivel Tovah - Mage/Scribe[*]And a Red/Factions PK that I will likely name "Role Player" or something similar... [/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Phanna</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Phanna - a paladin[*]Victoria Secret - a crafter[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Pirotess</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Lady Pirotess - "I am Pirotess...a Dark Elf. Evil, vile and treacherous! Well...maybe not so much those last three...but I bet I'm the cuddliest Dread you'll ever meet! That counts for something....doesn't it...?"<ul>[*]Lady Pirotess' Stallion: Pale[/list][/list][*]Guild: Guildmistress of The Dark Elves [Dark] - http://dark.atspace.com[*]Additional Notes: I am the Quest Coordinator for Elen'Mar, my ICQ# is 317-036-190[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Poppy</font color=blue>
<font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Poppy[/list][*]Role-Playing: Errr... um. None yet. We'll see how things go. [*]Additional Notes: Official Origin Shard Stratics News Reporter.[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Quartermane</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Chyna Lupus - bowyer/lumberjack[*]Duke Lupus - tamer[*]Paithian Lupus - bard[/list][*]Role-Playing: Oh yes please. Thank you.
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>RyaUO</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Rya II[/list][*]Role-Playing: once in a while... [*]Additional Notes: UOB Community Project, Leader of [UOB] UOB Community Guild[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>ScarredDefiance</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Edwin Goldhammer[*]John DeWitt[*]Sarah Goldhammer[/list][*]Role-Playing: I've been known to dabble here and there.
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Sirus Hellfox</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Georgio[/list][*]Role-Playing: I love to roleplay, and as far as I know, I consider myself pretty good at it. Georgio is just my crafter.[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>tamont42</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Greystoke - Tamer (1st attempt in years) [*]Jane Porter - Bard[*]John Carter - Dexxer[*]Philippe D'Arnot - Paladin[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>terraseer</font color=blue>
<font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Elminster Aumar - Based after my favorite Forgotten Realms Non-Player Character of the same name. He is role-played as such, a forgetfull old mage who has lived for thousands of years travelling Worlds and Planes of Existences. Elminster Aumar in Origin is a Mage-Scribe. [/list][*]Guild:[*]Additional Notes: Official UO Moderator for the Origin Shard[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>The-Noni-Trader</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]The Noni Trader - Merchant, Tailor/Smith/Crafters of all kinds on my main shards (I will not be able to do anything other than Tailor/Smith here for now..)[/list][/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Thom TreeHugger</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Lleani - Paladin[/list][*]Role-Playing: A Pally[/list]
<ul>[*]<font color=blue>Winterfrost</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Elfaran[*]Faeries - the Crafter[*]Rose Red of Ches[*]Selene D'Armond - Peace/Tamer[*]And assorted characters with Flower or Gemstone names (subject to change right now until I work out what skills I want and delete/recreate as I go). [/list][*]Role-Playing: Whenever I can, and hope to find it on Origin. [/list]</blockquote>
- - - - - - - - - -

Anonymous Character Listings
<font face="courier new">(Do not contact me asking who the Forum Users are that these characters belong to, they were told to me in trust to be listed anonymously, I will not break that trust.)&lt;/font&gt;
<blockquote><ul>[*]<font color=blue>Annonymous Characters</font color=blue><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Durby Duck - the Wild Quacker![*]Saria Miller - Goddess[/list][/list]</blockquote>
Credits &amp; Recognition
<blockquote><font face="courier new"><ul>[*]Thanks to Braelynn Aria for initiating the original "A Who's Who" Thread!
[*]Thanks to Everyone who has submitted your characters and data to be posted here! Thanks for helping to build Great Communitie![/list]</blockquote>
- - - - - - - - - -

Recent Updates to This Post
<blockquote><font face="courier new"><ul>[*] - Added <font color=blue>Chibi53</font color=blue> Community Information.[/list]</blockquote>
[/list]</blockquote>[/b]</font color=blue>[/i]
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