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Order vs. Chaos In A Nutshell


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The RP guilds of Catskills have established a big scheme: An alliance system called Order versus Chaos. The goal is to improve guild interaction and guild wars, make participation in war scenarios easier for new guilds (without the hassle of having to manage dozens of guild highlightings), improve communication through a common alliance chat, and bring the RP guilds of Catskills closer together.
The current Rules of Engagement apply, of course. This means, no looting, no battles without a context, no griefing, etc.

For clarification, this scheme is a technical guild/alliance relationship consisting of two more or less hostile groups ("alliances"). All guilds who want to join this scheme (and we hope that all RP guilds on Catskills will) have to choose whether they want to join the "Order" alliance or the "Chaos" alliance. The two alliances will have declared war on each other.

* All guilds who are member of the one alliance will automatically have guild war status (orange highlighting) with the guilds of the other alliance.
* All guilds who are member of the same alliance will have friendly status (green highlighting) among each other, but they still can attack each other in Trammel (as if they were in the same guild).
* All guilds of the same alliance,will have a common alliance chat (similar to guild chat, but in different color).
* In order to join an alliance, a guild has to cancel all their current guild wars.
* War declarations to outside guilds (yes, this is possible too) must be handled by the alliance leaders. (Alliance leaders are two guilds named "Order [OvC]" and "Chaos [OvC]" that were specifically made for this scheme.) Respective guilds will highlight orange to all and cannot participate in alliance chat.

Official website and forum of OvC:
Order vs. Chaos | A Catskills Role Playing PvP Theme