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Orcish Invasion: A Tale Of Hungry Orcs (Dark Tower)

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Orcish Invasion: A Tale of Hungry Orcs

During the Orcish Invasions, several events occured in which the Dark Tower was involved. First, three Ogrelords visited the Dark Tower, to negotiate the delivery of supplies for their tribes.

For several weeks, the members of the Dark Tower stockpiled supplies for the orcish armies. In the mean time, the Master of the Dark Tower traveled to Haven and argued that the Orcs should not be slain but bargained with before the Quest Knights of the Virtues, in their Temple of the Virtues.

The Kingdom of Dawn was also visited by an Orcish delegation. However, the Orcish armies were ultimtately defeated by adventurers and virtuous knights and the like.

From Tiare L'Roisto... (An old newspost which mentions part of this quest)
Last night Seer Elair paid the Dead Dove Tavern a visit and told us of the troublesome happenings with the orcs in our lands. It seems the orcs are starving and homeless and in their efforts to survive they are taking human lives. It started last week when a massive assault on Britain was attempted by the orcs.

Ogre Lords commanded the orcs and they led their troops just outside of Britain where they met up with our warriors. The orcs suffered devastating losses in numbers and retreated temporarily to rebuild. Later, a local miner near shame had been complaining of orcish infestation, which was at the center of the massive orcish battle.

Apparently the orcs were seeking large quantities of ingots to recover from their losses and was why they had selected the fort at that area. The warriors drove the orcs from Shame so they marched to the Skara Brae farms only to be slaughtered once again.

Now it seems the orcs have split into smaller, more organized militia groups in order to increase their chances of survival. Elair said that the leaders of the larger groups must be found and killed to send the remaining orcs back into hiding. It would be impossible to eliminate all the orcs but if the leaders were killed the orcs would retreat and cease further attacks on our lands.

Seer Elair was questioned about the necessity of fighting the orcs since they are only doing what our warriors have been doing to them for years. He admitted that some of our actions could be considered cruel to the orcs but they had been preying on our innocent and that is why it is necessary to stop these attacks.
Not open for further replies.