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Open for business during the holidays!


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-Y- Open for business during the holidays -Y-

Ado sits in his office, twirling a dagger boredly. One of his men comes in with a man who has definitely seen better days, as he appears to have had the crap beaten out of him. "Sir. Sir this is the guy I found on the road tonight... What would you like done with him?..." the young man escorting the battered man says. "Ah, Skinny... Really... You got this one all on your own?... I find that hard to believe... You are half his size..." Ado says as he sets the dagger down with a smirk. "Well... Sarge had a hand in it... Not a big hand... He more watched..." Skinny mumbles. "Uhuh... I’m sure..." Ado nods and sizes the man up. "Hmm... Let’s see... Well I do have a customer who is looking for some more... Farm hands... He looks like he could do some good hard tilling in the fields... Though... I am feeling rather generous since it is the holiday season, you know-" Ado says but is stopped as the man speaks quickly. "Please! G-good sir... You've got to be a reasonable man! Y-you said you we're feeling generous?... Yes! Please do a good deed and release me to return to my son. The gods will it! M-my son... He can't do without me! He won't last the winter!". Ado is silent with an amused smirk for a moment. "Yes... Yes I am indeed feeling generous... I do need to do my good deed for the holidays, you know... Where is you're home? I understand the love of being a father... Surely, yes surely you mustn’t live without you're son..." Ado says. "Our home is in Makoto-Jima! South, not too far off of the main road. A small bamboo house. The gods have heard me! My son will be thrilled to have his father home again. Thank you, You will not regret you’re decision of releasing me, no sir-ee!" The man quickly blurts out. Ado looks more and more amused as the man talks and quietly laughs once he finishes. "I believe I’m being generous with my decision but I do believe we're both thinking of two different things... Skinny... Have Sarge go to the mans home and grab his son. They can work the fields together..." Ado says. "Yeah, yeah I’ll tell him, boss..." says Skinny. "Wh-wh-what?! NO! My boy! You can’t be so cruel to make him do. to make him do a slaves work! Please just take me instead, not my boy." The man says franticly. "Now now... I was being generous... You said you're boy couldn’t live without you. I’m giving you what you wanted. I’m reuniting a family for the holidays. Hell, that’s my good deed. Skinny. Get him out of here. He seems quite ungrateful..." Ado says annoyedly. "Yepp, got it boss." says skinny, as he drags the man out of Ado's office. The man yells random curse words as he's taken out. "So... Ungrateful... Where’s the holiday cheer?..." Ado sighs. "I need to do something for this village... Something to really show the holiday spirit... There isn't enough of it... Hmm.. Holiday spirit… A holiday spirit?..." Ado says to himself. He thinks for a moment before excitedly slamming his fist down on the stone table. "TAKARA! I’ve got it! Get in here!" He yells. A few moments later Takara walks in, wiping her hands on her dress. "What?... No need to yell that loud, Ado..." She says with a frown. "Shut up. But.. I’ve got it! The thing I’ve been thinking about to bring holiday spirit to this town! So first off we need to find a wild Krampus and tame it. Or if we can find a tame one that’s still vicious.. and.. and.. Sick it on the town! Not us though. It'd work for me." Ado says with a **** eating grin. Takara looks clueless "What the hell is a krampus?...". Ado sighs annoyedly "Come on! How the hell do you not know?... Agh.. The Krampus.. Is pretty much the anti-Santa... When people and children are bad he comes to their homes and beats the **** out of them with a whip, throws them in a metal sack on his back, and they're never seen from again... Imagine a huge demon looking thing with huge horns and claws. Never seen one in person myself but... We'll find one... oh and when we do... Kijustsu will be easier to control... And full of holiday spirit." He says with a smirk. "Oh gods... Last time we summoned a demon or found something big and bad it didn’t end well for us, or we never saw it again because it took off..." She sighs. "Shut up. You, Maev, and Sarge find me a Krampus... Make it happen, Takara." He says with a glare. He makes a hand motion for her to leave. Takara sighs as she walks out. "And maybe the krampus will teach you some godamn respect too." he mumbles annoyedly. Two days later Takara comes in looking exhausted and filthy. "I.. I had to do my research.. I found a ritual to summon the krampus spirit. He wasn’t some random roaming beast.. He was a beast, don’t get me wrong… He tore skinny's arm off and got away from us. Sarge has some men on it..." She says, sounding out of breath. "Godamnit, woman! I ask one thing from you! One wish for the holidays! Bring. Me. A. Krampus. And you mess it up... Looks like I’ll have to take care of this myself... Leave this to someone more competent, woman." He says as he grabs his cloak and throws it on, and storms out in search for the beast. Takara sighs as he walks out. "Oh, Ado... If only you knew how powerful that spirit is. There’s no taming that... It'll leave you with a few nice holiday gifts like... Some scars and maybe a missing limb... Happy godamn holidays indeed..." She mumbles and walks out.

Happy Holidays from Youkaiko!