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One rainy afternoon...


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Two cloaked figures in black robes sit in the bushes of the outlining part of the forest of Kijustsu Anei across from the savage fort. They both intently watch the fort and the road which runs through the village for any traffic that could upset their task. "Hey "sarge"?... Why did the boss have us come out here again?.." The short cloaked figure says. "Be godamn quiet, "skinny"." The taller, bulkier, cloaked figure quietly exclaims, thinking he hears someone coming. After a man who appears to be an artisan of some sort quickly walks by with his pack llama up the road sarge looks back at skinny. "You never pay attention, do you?... One of these days thats going to get you killed, boy." .... He pauses and studys the road for a moment before looking back at skinny. "He's had us come to this... Fort?... fort.. looks like a godamn pile of of sticks and garbage... beasts of people live here... not even people... savages... but this place... Apperantly the lady put a rare jewel that does something of the boss's on her pet cat's collar. I guess one of the savages killed the cat and took the collar probably thinking it was just some plain shiney rock... Why the hell she'd put a jewel on a damned cat, ive no idea but enough with stories... We need to get in and find it and something else the boss is having us grab." he whispers. Skinny smirks "Oh, I-". "shut up, recruit. lets just do this..." sarge scoffs. They quickly go into the savage fort and look about through their possessions. They both pocket a few things here and there that they see to their likings. Sarge opens a box and stares for a moment at the gross amount of hats crammed into one box. He pulls a few out and smirks as he pulls the cat's collar out, he holds it up so skinny is able to see. He pockets the collar and goes back to looking for something else. After a few moments of sifting through bags, boxes, boots, and barrels he quickly grabs something small and shouves it in his pocket and makes a hand movement and they both move for the exit of the "building". Sarge clears the sides of the buildings making sure no one is in sight and they both make it back into the forest line. "Good work at being useless..." Sarge mumbles. "I wish we had more time to look..." says Skinny. "We can always go back later. If they had something like this laying about in their heap of junk who knows what else could be in there... We should get these things back to the boss..." says sarge. Now that their task is done they both start walking, and dissapear into the dark shadows of the forest.