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[Origin] On Vice and Virtue

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
On Vice and Virtue [Unofficial Fiction Origin Shard]

The former Commanding Lord of the True Britannians looked at the report on his desk and it read much like the other dozens littered around his study, “Skara Brae is under attack, please send help.”

He crumpled the paper in frustration. The Faction War had come to a close, Minax, the Council of Mages and Shadowlords were defeated or at the least disappeared into nothingness. After years of what seemed like endless battle, the True Britannians emerged victorious!

Yet in the few short weeks that had followed, chaos erupted over Felucca. The True Britannians now officially decommissioned were scattered across the realm and no official peace keeping force had been put in their place. A void had been left in their wake and it took the darker elements of the land no time creep out of the depths to fill the vacuum.

The flames of Chaos burned bright, fueled by rumors of lost Faction artifacts, hordes of silver, and new undiscovered treasures hidden within the Cities of Felucca.

As soon as reports of skirmishes had come in, The former Commander had sent out a platoon of his most trusted knights to restore peace but by that time things had already gotten out of hand. Reports of merchants delivering goods, murdered on the city streets in broad daylight. Innocent people who were just days ago celebrating the end of war, fled to the Moongates in panic and the safer lands of Trammal.

The Knights did their best to help restore the peace but there was no telling friend from foe. People were attacking anyone and everyone. It was complete pandemonium.

The old Commander had seen this before and realized another force was required in this new age of post Faction Felucca. A force similar to the True Britannians but less narrowly composed. An army based, not out of one a single Kingdom but formed from the good guilds and kingdoms of greater Sosaria. Created for a specific purpose and unifying by a common belief – Virtue!

The Commander stood up from his desk and donned his armor, the brigand attacks on Skara Brae had to be dealt with immediately but as soon as there was a break in this undefined conflict, he would call upon his allies from the Faction War; The Gargoyles of Ter Mur, The Elves of Heartwood, the Meer and of course Britannia itself, to create an Alliance of Virtue to combat this new shadow of Vice hovering over Felucca.
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