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On housing decay stages

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The decay stages of houses are as following:

like new approx. 50 minutes
slightly worn 2 to 3 days
somewhat worn 2 to 3 days
fairly worn 2 to 3 days
greatly worn 2 to 3 days
in danger of collapsing 18-24 hours

the same applies for ships
(you can read it also on http://uo.stratics.com/decay.shtml)

Addition to IDOC:
It is lasting 18 hours plus server maintance time. This means that as soon as a house reaches that state, it may take from 20 to 24 hours until it finally collapses.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Freyja on 11/09/00 03:27 AM.</FONT></P>


As the information here is now included in the FAQ on top, I'm going to unstick this thread.

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Is phase 3 only for Trammel and Fellusia? or does Malas also play a role in this as many houses are unattended there and are looking for many new owners. This question has been disturbing me for a while now and curious how many others wondered about this.

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acutally the times have changed. I watched a house fall today that went from idoc to fall in 6 hours. (of course i was away when it fell..)
But yeah.. IDOC is ONLY 6 hours now.

Im not sure on the rest of the time.. but i know for a fact that house fell within 6 hours of it going to idoc.


They havent activated Phase 3 yet, but yes it will affect housing in Malas.