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Officer Updates So Far


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

As Furris mentioned in another post I've started working on the Officers Update. I mainly just wanted to drop by, now that updates are out and holidays are over.

Here are the main points of what I've worked on so far. Not all items are 100% complete (some icons, descriptions and such still need some tweaks).

Some of the areas I hope to look at next are:

- The Dead-Eye heroic jewelry set.

- Paint Target (it's currently rather lack luster for a 3 point, tier 5 ability).

- Misdirect Anger.

- Reinforcements (Please continue to provide feedback on what you'd like to see for this ability in the thread started by Furris).

Rally Point:
Removed the minimum range for both Rally Point abilities.

Group Buff Duration (from the expertise) now affects Rally Point Duration. In addition the Rally Point Duration bonuses from the generals set now increase the total duration by 10% per per piece of jewelry (instead of the previous 1 second per piece of jewelry).

Removed the ‘Innate Armor' modifier from the defensive rally point and replaced it with a 5% damage reduction.

The duration for rally point is now:

Base duration: 20 seconds

Duration with Leadership 1 and 2: 50 seconds

Duration with Leadership 1 and 2 plus the full general set: 75 seconds

Supply Drop, Tactical Supply Drop, Medical Supply Drop and Reinforcements:
Supply drop no longer require you to be outside. The abilities can now be used while in cities or inside buildings. When the abilities are used in a previously blocked location the shuttle animation will be replaced with a different effect.

Artillery Strike 1-3:
The comm. window has been removed from these abilities.

Sturdiness, Marksmanship, Toughness and Endurance have been increased to 25 pr. point

Side arm accuracy now also increase carbine damage

Dire strikes now also increase carbine critical chance

Pistol Overcharge can now be used with a carbine

Pistol burn can now be used with a carbine

A new melee attack, Leg Strike, has been added to the Officer Specialization Tree. The expertise box is tied to Decapitate. The ability is a low damage / low cooldown attack with a snare effect.

Disclaimer, this is obviously all still work in progress. Thanks can and probably will change as we move forward with the update.

A quick note. Carbines are not going to benefit from the 8m range increase that pistols receive. Also, as mentioned earlier, special attack damage should be automatically modified based on weapon speed in addition to weapon damage.

It's important that carbines become a viable alternate to pistols, not simple a better option. Currently, pistols will have shorter range but get an extra 5% damage from Drillmaster. I'm open to tweaking the bonuses further to make sure that pistols are not made obsolete.

I added the Carbines because it's one of the top requests in both the 'Officer Issue/Community Request' thread and 'Basicly What I Hope To Be Asking For. (Pending Support Of Course)' thread.

If it turns out that most officers agree with you and would rather not have a carbine option added I have no issue with removing it.

...if it turns out that the officer community would rather stick with pistols it's simple enough to change things back as long as the update is not yet live.



Looking forward to testing some of this tbh :)

Wierdly I cant figure out the huge initial backlash about carbines? Personally I'd love to switch over to carbines, as an option.

Definately need the option to stack the officer stims and a timer on them would be a godsend.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Here's the latest changes for the Officer Update. As you can probably see I've made some minor tweaks based on the conserns regarding pistols vs. carbines. Please keep in mind that these numbers are not set in stone. We can tweak and change the exact numbers futher once the update moves to TC / TC-Prime.

- Master Officers can now wear Mandalorian Armor.

- Leg Strike now has a range of 15m

- Drill master can now be activated with all weapons. The bonuses remain unchanged: 5% Pistol Damage, 5% General Damage and 5% Action cost reduction.

- Side Arm Accuracy will now give less damage to carbines compared to pistols. Carbines will now recieve 2/4/6/8% damage increase from the box. Pistols will still get 3/6/9/12%

- Tactical Serum and Field Stimpacks will now show the remaining duration.

- Tactical Serum and Field Stimpacks can now be stacked with other stims.

- Stims will only stack of they have the same remaining duration.

- Stims will not auto-stack (this would cause issues for stims in the dropped crate as well as problems with the remaining duration). In order to stack stims select stack from the radial menu and all stims that can stack with the stim you radialed will be collected into a single stack.

- You can now split a stack of Tactical Serum or Field Stimpacks.

- Soothing Comfort, Heal Beast 3 and Revive Beast can now proc Inspired Action if you are wearing the General's Set.