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Of Chaos and Rum

  • Thread starter Valek Typhoon
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Valek Typhoon

"Crichton! Tie those life lines!" The captains orders echoed across the deck of the ship. The waves lurched the pirate ship, its mass listing ever so slightly with each wake.

"Astro make sure those rowboats are secure!" Giving a silent salute as he followed out the given orders. One who ventured to near the red capped sailor could hear the silent mutter "What ever you say boss man."

The Blood Red sails billowed out with a wild lust as they embraced the wind, flinging the ship forward across the Sosarian sea.
The crew had been waiting, preparing and hoarding supplies these last few weeks as they awaited on the lone island within the Lost Lands.

Now the Chimera, brackish red as scabbed blood, shot forth from the Serpent Pillar portals and into the sea. Its course set south by south east. New Haven island within view.

"Keep that wheel straight Margo! Don't vere to any other island location. Our destination is set!" Those golden, serpentine eyes stared forward into the crashing waves of the ocean as the water shot up over the bow of the ship. "Our destination is set."

His golden eyes turn to look upon the black obsidian crate that rested chained and bound to the mast, flickering with a diabolical need in the sea ridden sun. Valek gave an almost sinister grin. "Keep that Blackrock Dry Mister Alcanter! can't have it erode before we reach Fire Island now can we!" The laugh of a mad man escaped his lips as he went to stand to the side of the Pilot, Margo.


The Volcano was viewable long before the beach was. Rising out of the distance like a titan ready to blow its top. Again.

Mist rose up around the island, volcanic steam from the magma and the ocean meeting in a tangled embrace.

"Vere straight girl, Men reign in the sails - let'er drift in to shore!" Pulling out the cutlass of polished silver, he took a brief moment to stare into the reflected image before pointing towards a River mouth of the island. "There! come about! Men unleash the moors and droop those sails!"

Moving to the broadside of the ship, with a swing of his cutlass he unleashed a rowboat ties off the deck of the ship and allowed the small rowboat to plunk down to the meeting waters below.

"Ah'll be leaving the ship in ye hands Astro! Keep those guns pointed out to sea and scuttle any ship that comes into range through that mist!" Crichton unhooked the obsidian chest, and began lowering the rock chest down to the boat below. The Captain braced a gloved hand upon the Bannister he flew over the edge landing with a cats grace upon the rowboat. Securing the blackrock chest within the small boat he gave a half cocked salute to the chimera before unlatching the rows and taking hold of the rutter - allowing the flow of the water to take him inland.

The rush of the river took the small ship and its captain quickly through the crevice of volcanic rock and heat. The river mouth opening once again into a mass of water - a lake. Steaming from heat and boiling in spots closest to the mountains.

Keeping the course straight, as the small rowboat tipped and weaved over the waves, listing to one side then the next - more than once did the boiling water attempt to capsize the captain and his cargo.

"When I get through here I'm gonna be needin a vacation." Muttering through sea salted lips. Between the salt and the dry heat, his lips cracked and bled - his eyes sore and bulging from the tear buds. The man reached to his belt to take hold of his hip flask finding it missing "Gah damnit Astro! That was the last o'me rum!"

That moment of distraction took his eyes off the boiling ocean before him, to realization - his own boat as taking on water. "Ah fek me" Valek rushed the oars into the heated water, doing his best to keep from the molten areas where lava met ocean. Increasing his strokes against the bubbling death around him.

The wood of his ship cracking beneath him, the oars began to snap as he kept back peddling towards the misty shore. Then just as the mist parted and the shore came into view the left oar snapped, sizzling into the oceans depths "Ah fek me sideways!" As the captain began side-to-side rowing, slowly creeping to the beach - The bubbling water began to seep through the soles of his boots - tossing the now crumbling oar over board he hooked an arm around the obsidian cask that contained the blackrock he required and placed his other hand upon the rutter - capsing the small ship to-and-fro into the waves, using the waters momentum to cast himself ashore.


Sprawling out upon the white salted sands of the volcanic shore, Valek allowed his reptilian eyes to stare into the night sky above. The stars shone brightly ... twinkling ... up at him?
Coming to a stand he soon realized he had leapt from the sinking vessel onto the beach and landed face first into the burning sand. as he began looking about, what he mistook as the night sky was indeed a shore of sand and blackrock.

Scooping his hand down into the earth at his feet, he let the moist dirt fall back ... it was not sand .. but sodden blackmoor, encompassed around powdered and stone blackrock. "Well ah gotta be close!" Lugging the chest up onto his shoulder he began marching across the beach and through the narrow pass ahead. Opening into a Valley untouched by the volcanic heat. So untouched infact that a soft layer of moisture kept the grass fertile and wet.

Though a mist hung like a cloud above the vale, the dim twilight of the land gave an almost serene atmosphere. Making the trek across the plain until the volcanic mountain once again came before him. It was there, at the foot of the mountain. Just as the texts had read, just as the rumors have told.

Valek approached the Altar slowly, the dark stone pillars jutting out from the mountain, as a vortex of oblivion and death swirled at its base. Before he Vortex, engraved into the blackmoor earth was the runic Mani, Life. Keeping the void from spilling out into our world fully.

Perhaps a crevice of oblivion wrought onto this world by the great eruption that also brought forth the Abyssal lands of Ter Mur. Or perhaps this was what caused that eruption to begin with.

Rounding the statue of blackrock, in the shape of a howling dragon, the Captain stood before the mound of stone that stood there like an altar. tossing the obsidian chest to the ground he began placing massive chunks of blackrock upon the larger stone. Rounding the area he took out several pouches, first scattering grave dust, then sprinkling more powdered blackrock upon the ground. Reaching into another pouch of his backpack he took out three bane crystals and placed them before the blackrock dragon. Then finally he pulled a selection of his own make.
He called it Ambrosia.

Taking a vial of serpents venom, he combined the blood of a dragon then through the use of mixing vials he combined crystallized blackrock into the liquid along with nightshade. Keeping it thin enough with more venom. What drove him to create such a substance even he can not remember. But it was addictive, and at the same time seemed to give one the feeling of invincibility. As though ones blood became the essence of magic itself, nothing was beyond your reach.

He downed two of the vials, and tossed them to the ground shattering the glass to his left. Bringing his cutlass up he sliced his palm and allowed his blood to soak into the blackrock upon the altar, tossing up a scrolled spell upon the blooded altar, he then held the scimitar at bay.

"Void of Death! Void of Destruction! I beckon you forth! I beckon you to bless this servant with your touch. Chaos come onto me with your embrace! Give me the power I require to conquer my enemies!"

Valeks voice echoed upon the peaks of the mountain around him as he called out the spell that would summon the essence of Chaos through his blood.

"Uus Corp An Jux" Raise Death and Negate Harm unto me.

"Kal Ort Grav Vas Corp" Summon forth the power of Chaos.

"Vas Kal An Mani In corp Hur Tym" Armageddon itself.

As the final syllable of the spell was spoken the blackrock sharded upon the altar, the explosion sending Valek backwards, crashing into the Altar Dragon behind him, the shrapnel of blackrock embedding itself into his body. The void of Oblivion seemed to grow before him, as the reddish tendrils sought out the lacerated areas of his body, like a lovers caress or a cats harsh lick, those wounds began to seal closed yet leave a runic glow behind. Perhaps that was the effect of Mani, Mani keeping the Void at bay.

Darkness swooned, as his head swelled. And before the Captain of the Chimera could raise himself back up, he fell unconscious.


The world swayed around him, the earth shifted - as though his entire body was in the swirling mass of the Death Vortex.

As his eyes fluttered open, he came to an immediate crouch reaching to his belt for his sword, only to find it missing. "Bloody Hell" Remembering he used it as a grounds for the ritual. Hearing the sounds of foot steps nearing him, padded boots upon ... wood? Valek immediately reached out hold of the person in the dark, wrapping an arm around his neck and pulling him into a choke hold.

It didn't take long for his eyes to accustom to the dark once he was sent into action. The world began to highlight in silver and black hues at first, then taking hold of color. He realized he was in a ships cabin, and the man whom he held ready to snap their neck, was indeed Crichton, who at this point in time needed a serious change of pants. "Capn? Are ye ok? I was only comin' to check on ye and to give ye back ye sword, honest I wasn gonna keep it!"

Letting the boy go, he looked down at the clutched hilt of his scabbard blade, taking it from the lad he placed it immediately on his own belt. "Very well then ... how did I get here? Last thing I remember I had found the altar .."

"Aye sir! Ye found de altar! And it were some time ye had been gone, Astro decided to send in a rowboat before adhering to de code, he's a sentimental sort ye know... makin' sure ye did nah call up a Demon or Corgul himself from de void.." Crichton rambled on then stopped as Valek raised a hand to silence him.

"Ok I get it ... ye drug me out o'de cove... what is our location"

"Sir! we are just off the reach of the Abyss, the beach is barren most seem to nah sail into here ... for reason I'm sure...Sir! Your eyes!"
Crichtons astonishment caught Valek off guard, as he withdrew the blade to see what his crewman was going on about.

Staring at the blade he observed the new cuts into its surface, black and blue and black slices through its surface, it gave an palpable aura of power. Then he stared into the surface of the blade the silver edging that mirrored ... his now Black eyes with a silver slit through their center.... "This ... will require some getting used to." Valek mumbled through his lips.

"Boss what is your command?" Astro called out from top side. Seeing the Captain at least well enough to stand on his own.

"Full Mast, Master Astro, and set sail for Moonglow. I have some research to do." The Captain pulled a tricorn hat off Crichton and placed it upon his own head, before pulling himself topside - those black eyes squinting in the dawns early light. Just in time to see Astro finish off the flask of rum Valek had lost.