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[Catskills] October 2014 Events


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Events that are PLANNED for this month. Those events that are CONFIRMED by a post on the forums or other means are highlighted with a link to the post (in gold) or with green text if no post is available. Cancelled events appear in red text.

3 - Vesper's Woodsman Challenge - Starts @ 10 AM EST @ Vesper Bank
5 - Vesper's Woodsman Challenge - Ends @ 9 PM EST @ Vesper Bank
6 - Summoning Contest - 5 PM EST @ Park in Trinsic
7 - Humility Hunt - 8 PM EST @ Royal Bank of Trinsic
9 - Search for the Creatures (Moonglow Zoo Event) - 8 PM EST @ Bank of Moonglow
9 - Trinsic Granite Gather for City Lighthouse - Time TBD @ Royal Bank of Trinsic
11 - City of Britain Town Hall Meeting - 4 PM EST @ Castle British Meeting Hall
12 - Scavenger Hunt - 8 PM EST @ Meeting Hall of Trinsic
13 - Bard's Night - 8 PM EST @ Keg and Anchor Tavern of Trinsic
13 - Trinsic Fishing Competition, Starts
14 - Ranged Competition - 7 PM EST @ Training Grounds of Trinsic
14 - [EM] King's Audiences - 10 PM EST @ Blackthorn's Castle, Meeting Hall
16 - Galehaven Tavern Night - 9 PM EST @ City of Olympus, Northern Trinsic
17-19 Foxie's Annual Halloween Fest - Times TBD @ South Luna
17 - Fisherman's Hunt - 7 PM EST @ Royal Bank of Trinsic
18 - Jousting Competition - 7 PM EST @ Haven Arena
19 - [EM] Royal Council Meeting - 7 PM EST @ Blackthorn's Castle, Meeting Hall
20 - The Knight's Rest Tavern Night - 8 PM EST @ Village of Aegis, Yew
20 - Trinsic Fishing Competition, Ends - 6 PM EST, Winners Crowned 8 PM EST @ Trinsic Docks
25 - City of Britain Town Hall Meeting - 4 PM EST @ Castle British Meeting Hall
26 - [EM] Fall Community Day - Starting at 1 PM EST (All Day Event)
29 - Que's Tavern Night - 9 PM EST @ 28o 28'S, 42o 23'W near Skara Brae

~~~ EM EVENTS ~~~

Tuesday, October 14th, 9pm - 10pm EST – Short Audiences with King Blackthorn
King Blackthorn will be holding short audiences in the throne room, for a period of one hour. There is no need to file a request ahead of time for this one.

Sunday, October 19th, 7pm EST - Council of Governors Meeting
The next Council meeting. The King will be discussing recent events, including the raid of the Vesper and the need to better secure the realm's roadways against bandits. Town Guard Captains are requested to attend.

Sunday, October 26th - Fall Community Day
A day to celebrate and show off our shard, and to have some fun doing it.

Fall Community Day Schedule - Sunday, October 26th All times EST.

1pm-2:30pm - Guild/Group Meet & Greet 1.
An opportunity to visit with friendly guilds and organized (or organizing) groups of the shard. This is designed to introduce newcomers and recent returnees to members and associations of our community. The recruitment tables that have been placed at Luna and New Haven will be utilized for this - there are seven of them altogether, meaning we have space for that many guilds/groups. If you would like a table, please leave a bag with the following in the Community Affairs mailbox (next to the EM Hall in Britain): 1) a sealed book with your guild's information you would like displayed, 2) a registration book containing your guild/group name, the names of those representing you at the table, which M&G you are registering for, and a preferred location. The first book will be placed at your table, and will remain there as long as the tables do. The sign at the table will be changed to reflect your guild while you are utilizing it. This would be a great opportunity not only to recruit new players, but also to show off player run towns and establishments. I will be setting these up on Saturday evening, so I need the information by Saturday at 9pm EST.

4pm-5pm - Costume Contest. Prepare your most creative costume and enter the costume contest to be held at the new Rewards Hall. Commemorative installations will be placed inside the hall for the winners. There are two categories: Best Individual Costume, and Best Ensemble. Registration begins at 3:45 - please bring a book with your character name, and what your costume is supposed to be/represent.

5:30pm-7pm - Guild/Group Meet & Greet 2. The same as the first one. Registration for this one is needed in the same manner, but the deadline is 30 minutes prior. After that, if someone wishes a table and there is one open, they can have it. Priority is given to those who register for this time slot, though if a guild desires to have a presence at both sessions, they may request it and will be accommodated if possible. The earlier the registration, the better, so that I can make a schedule - there are only seven spots available each session.

7:30pm-9pm - Catskills v Doom. With Treasures of Doom active, we'll spend some quality time among the demons and undead (on Catskills we usually just do this at Council of Governor Meetings! ba-dum-tssh). Perhaps some will be able to snag a few of the new shinies, or learn if the "prophetic manuscripts" are as boring as they sound!

10pm-??? - Tavern Crawl with Lieutenant Jeffrey. The Lieutenant has been given the night off and intends to partake of the finest of the fine beverages the realm has to offer. Have a tavern you'd like to open for the evening? An opportunity for some fun RP - just don't call it "tavern sitting," because it is...a crawl...or something.

Where possible, moongates will be provided from the EM Hall in Britain. Schedule is subject to minor changes (should we spend that long in Doom? Should one M&G be designated as "RP focused" and the other OOC? I'm open to suggestions on this). I would encourage someone to plan something for the morning if they have an idea for it. I will be in and out during the M&Gs after they start. Please, feel free to let anyone you know who is thinking about coming back to Catskills (and the game), or trying the shard on, to come visit on Sunday.

Confirmed Events have been added to our UO Catskills Facebook page and @UOCatskills Twitter feed as well as coordinated with the official UO Fan page and Twitter. :)
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