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[Oceania] DiE - Darkness is Everywhere (PvP)



A little about us...

Darkness is Everywhere (DiE) http://darknessiseverywhere.enjin.com/ is an Oceanic PvP Guild with a 13 year history in MMO Gaming.

D!E as it was originally tagged was formed initially on the Pacific Ultima Online Shard by Broo. Moon's guild (Current GM of DiE) D*A merged with D!E on Mystic Peaks TUS UO Server in the lead up to the Oceania Server. We have played numerous games in different levels starting with UO obviously, then we moved to DAoC as Hibernian's on the Palomides server. After DAoC we played TUS servers here and there then the guild moved to WOW then onto Age of Conan (for short time). The next major Guild game was WAR which we played for quite a long time until Rift unfortunately tempted us.

UO was a lot of fun and still holds great memories for the guild. We fought many guilds but notably -E- and One were great rivals.

DAoC was a great game for the guild and we achieved much recognition. Premium among them was our reputation as a skillful tactical guild in open field PvP. But one of our best memories in gaming was to be the first guild on our server to take a relic. The 30 hour operation required the full dedication of the guild and was testament to the culture of success that D!E prides itself on.

In WoW we played on many servers but only skeletal core played this game as most found it not to D!E's play style.

WAR was very successful for DiE and we went on to dominate the Oceanic PvP server Anlec as Destruction to the point that ourselves and our only stiff competition on Order (The Elite) moved to Darklands and formed an alliance to help balance the server. Once the Oceanic servers shutdown the guild moved to the US Server Volkmar where Aelith, Cuddles and Marx continued to lead the guild and make a major impact on RvR during their time zone.

Our next major game is GW2. In GW2 we will be first and foremost a PvP orientated guild, with World v. World being our main priority. We will however participate in Structured PvP on a regular basis with the expectation of fielding multiple teams to represent the DiE tag. While PvE will have it's place as required.

Recruiting Notes:

1) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?
We are not super hardcore anymore but still take our gaming pretty seriously so we maximize our fun to playtime ratio. Having said that some of our members still play pretty hard.

2) What is your guild's play style in GW2?
WvW but we like to be very strategic in our play style which has held us in good stead in the past. We will partake in structured PvP as a secondary objective.

3) What are the goals of the guild?
To be super competitive skill and strategy wise and continue our long standing tradition of structured game play.

4) Does the guild have allies?

Yes, we are part of the Titan Alliance - http://www.titanalliance.net
The Alliance we are part of is a very structured, very strong group of guilds spanning multiple time zones. We will be an important piece in the Oceanic time zone along with other notable Oceanic PvP guilds such as The Elite, TRF and Synapse.

5) How is the guild rank structure set up?
We have three GM's but ultimate guild leadership ends with the founder (Moon). The two other GM's act as equal 2ic's. We have most core as officers for squad command, Veterans as previous game members and regular members who have completed a 3+ month satisfactory initiation. New members are our recruit rank.

6) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?
Yes we are recruiting mainly to re gather old members but any good players who can follow orders are welcome to apply. You can apply here: http://darknessiseverywhere.enjin.com/recruitment
If you cannot follow orders do not bother applying.

7) Do I have to play a certain class once I'm accepted?
If the situation warranted it yes. But initial recruitment will be flexible until we are certain of class numbers.

8) Additional note:
Our emphasis is on being as competitive and unpredictable as possible in open WvW and maintaining a strict chain of command.

Bullet Points and Achievements:
- Thirteen years of gaming history, focusing on PvP and RvR campaigns.
- Very organised and strategic guild with a solid long term core and command structure.
- First Guild to solo Relic on Palomides DAoC.
- First Guild to reach Guild Rank Cap (GR40) on Darklands and 3rd World Wide (WAR)
- Major games include UO 99-02, DAoC 01-03, WoW 04-08 and WAR 09-11
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